Row, squat and jump your way to a pain-free back and hips

If 2022 is the year that you finally tackle the niggling back and hip pain you’ve had since working from home became a fixture in our lives, we have the solution: building serious muscle in the posterior chain, aka the back of your body. It’s these muscles that will pull your shoulders backwards and support hip mobility. In this Strong Women Training Club workout, trainer Dottie Fildes uses renegade rows, deadlift rows and pulsing sumo squats to retract your shoulders, strengthen your upper back and get the glutes fired up to ensure they stay active for a day of being parked on a chair. Welcome back, working from home – how we missed you… 

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How to start exercising regularly from scratch, by someone who did it last year
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Going to bed before this particular time should be the first thing you start doing in 2022

Forget vague promises of ‘getting better sleep’. If you really want to prioritise your health this year, you need to set a proper bedtime – and the best one is probably earlier than you think. The latest research, the most prominent experts and Strong Women’s very own writer all swear by crawling into bed by this specific time for improved immediate and long-term health. Night owls, you’ve been warned… 


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Help our investigation into how exercise impacts period health by taking our survey

Periods can have a profound impact on our wellbeing – they affect energy levels, moods, injury rate, and food cravings. But more and more seemingly healthy women are experiencing irregularities or their monthly bleed going totally AWOL, and have no idea why. From Strong Women’s initial investigations, the impact of women’s fitness regimes, nutrition and stress are three key elements that are rarely – if ever – discussed with GPs, despite the crucial role they play in our hormonal cycles. 

We want to change that – and we need your help. Strong Women has created the Exercise and Period Health Survey so you can tell us about your periods, exercise history and experience with healthcare providers. We want to build a picture of how training impacts women’s hormones and health, so we can help change the way in which GPs and PTs treat menstrual issues. Help us to help you by taking the survey now – and feel free to share with any other women you know.

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Strong Women’s new year push up challenge is now available on-demand

Not sure on the correct way to do a push up? Or maybe your aim is to do five of them in a row? Strong Women Training Club’s Janine George is releasing two classes each week throughout January that will guide you in mastering the perfect push up. For those who couldn’t join last week, the challenge is now available on-demand for you to complete in your own time. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the 30-40 minute sessions focus on technique and form, so there’s something for everyone. 


Think you have to give up your beloved shakshuka for Veganuary? Think again...

Having had our fill of festive champagne breakfasts, January is a time to revert to nutrient-packed morning meals – and one of our favourites is shakshuka. It’s a dish absolutely packed with vitamin C and antioxidants thanks to the grilled peppers (one pepper provides 169% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C), slowly stewed tomatoes (which release more heart-supporting lycopene when cooked) and fresh and ground chillis that are full of active compounds.

This recipe from Bosh also fits right in with your plant-based January plans, swapping eggs for a vegan mayo and tahini dressing that looks the part while maintaining the energising B-vitamin and satiating fat content of yolks. Now just to pop the champagne – sorry – kettle on… 


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