This lunge-based workout will help you nail the warrior series in your next yoga session

When you think about it, a lot of yoga involves lunging. Half-moon pose, triangle, the warrior series… it’s all about moving into or holding a split stance position. So if you want to feel stronger, fitter or faster in your yoga asanas, you need to nail your lunge strength. This workout with yogi Adrienne Everett takes you through a bodyweight circuit of lateral and forward lunges before a core conditioning of scissors and hollow holds – after all, it’s no good being able to get into warrior II if you don’t have the core strength to stay there, is it?

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A dermatologist reveals what staying in your activewear after a workout does to your skin

We’ve all been there: rushing home from a lunchtime workout, you have to make a time-based decision between showering or eating. Inevitably, a plate of post-workout pasta before an afternoon meeting wins the battle, then three hours later, you’re still wearing your sweaty kit. While skipping the shower may be one of the joys of working from home, what is it doing to our skin? A dermatologist breaks down the effects of sitting in your activewear post-spin session – and it’s not good news… 


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Janine George is a Strong Woman Training Club fitness instructor who lifts, runs and stretches her way through different fitness goals, and her motivational energy means we do too. 

When I have an hour to exercise, I… strap my body to a reformer pilates machine. Adding this style of training to my routine has helped me to become more flexible. I tend to go through cycles of loving particular styles of training and currently my focus is on lengthening and alignment.

My non-negotiable nutrition habit is… drinking water. We all know it’s vital, but how many of us actually drink enough? The body feels alive and functions much better when having done so, which is why I aim to drink at least three litres a day. And when my level of activity increases, so does my water intake.

To recover from a tough workout, I… remain grounded and find peace through yin yoga and meditation. Slowing down my brain helps speed up recovery. 

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Everyone’s favourite curry just got a vegan makeover – with added fibre benefits

Full of antioxidant cumin and anti-inflammatory turmeric, curries are incredibly nourishing while also being good for the soul. But many British versions are often loaded with cream, yoghurt or meat, which means Friday night takeaways can be a struggle for those on a plant-based journey. This butter chicken recipe is here to save the day – replicating the same flavourful dish, without the dairy and meat. 

As well as the benefits that come from the classic spices, swapping to coconut milk adds minerals including magnesium to support your muscles while also aiding sleep. And subbing vegan alternatives in place of meat adds huge figures to the fibre content which is essential for gut health and improved mood. Meat-free May just got easier. 


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