“I turned all my work calls into walking meetings – here’s how it affected my productivity”

Most of our work schedules revolve around meetings. And if you’re anything like Strong Women’s editor Miranda Larbi, the majority of your time is inevitably spent dual-tasking – replying to emails, checking Slack and flicking between browser tabs. So she borrowed an idea from successful men in business, like Steve Jobs and Martin Lewis, and turned that screen-on-screen time into moving meetings. Here’s what happened after a week of walking and talking. 


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Change up your running routine with this thigh-burning plyometric circuit

If you’re anything like us, the second the clouds part, you ditch the dumbbells and head outside to your favourite running route. But while running is brilliant for cardio and lower body muscle and joint strength, it’s not the only way to get your sweat on in the fresh air. For those who want some novelty in their routine, try this Strong Woman Training Club workout that packs a similar high-intensity load. First, you’ll mirror the impactful aspect of running with jumping squats and plank in and outs to get the heart rate up. Then, in the strength circuit, you’ll build muscle in the lower body and core with lateral lunges, weighted squats and windmills. All the benefits of a 5k without leaving your garden.

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These Strong Women team-approved shorts won’t roll up, slip down or distract you when you’re in your workout zone 
Lululemon / £48
Optimum shape retention means these don’t lose fit during your 30-minute run nor for months after
The Upside / £70
These endorphin-inducing shorts balance stretchy fabric with a ribbed design for extra hold
Adidas / £43
Double-layer shorts are supportive and protective, while the lightweight design keeps heat out
Pocket / £48
These don’t only stay put on the leg, but the ‘waistband gripper’ means they won’t roll down either
Adanola / £32.99
This cult brand makes its crop shorts without a mid-seam for extra comfort while you squat and spin
Kit Change / £45
Forget chafing: this super soft, recycled polyester pair is designed for minimal rubbing

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Hilary Rowland is the co-owner of United Fitness Brands, which runs some of London’s best exercise studios such as Boom Cycle, Kobox and Barrecore, so she knows a thing or two about fitness. 

My favourite way to move is… to music. That’s why I fell in love with indoor cycling which led to me creating the Boom Cycle brand. I find any form of movement, whether running, boxing or dancing, is more joyful if there’s great music. People have been moving to music since it was a thing and it’s a classic for a reason. 

The one thing that has improved my fitness on the bike… has been simply not stopping. I might need to slow my legs, take a few breaths and turn down the resistance, but just continuing instead of stopping altogether has made all the difference. This is a tip that can be used in most facets of life as well! 

The best nutrition tip I’ve ever been given is… to eat a variety of different fruits and vegetables. This advice has been consistent since I was a child, even through all the crazy diet trends over the years. As far as I can remember, it’s been the one thing experts could always agree on, because it’s all about vitamins, minerals and fibre.


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Start your day with this probiotic smoothie bowl that feeds your brain and body

Brain function, immunity and even the strength of your muscles is determined by what’s going in your gut. So it makes sense that setting yourself up for a good day starts with feeding its microbiome – and this bacteria-supporting smoothie is made for summer mornings. 

The base of prebiotic berries and banana (tip: the greener they are, the better for your gut) is fuel for the microbiome, while ginger has recently been shown to increase bacterial diversity in the gut. Add a probiotic yoghurt to the mix for even more microbes to support digestion, mood and overall health, and you have a deliciously thick smoothie you can spoon into a bowl and layer with toppings – because whose day isn’t made better with strawberries? 


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