And Just Like That: everything we learned from episode 4 of the Sex And The City reboot

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Warning: this story contains spoilers from the fourth episode of the Sex And The City reboot, And Just Like That.

And just like that, folks, we’re somehow into the fourth episode of the one of the most talked-about reboots of the decade, HBO Max’s revival of Sex And The City. After dealing a tragic blow in the series premiere, there were yet more shocking discoveries for Carrie and co last week, leaving no one in any doubt that this new chapter has plenty more drama in store.

Care for a quick recap? Carrie attended the reading of Big’s will only to find out that he had left $1 million dollars to his ex-wife Natasha Naginsky. Cue some obsessive Carrie behaviour, which started with social media stalking and culminated in a tense confrontation in a coffee shop.

We also found out that Charlotte’s daughter Rose doesn’t feel like a girl, while Charlotte confided in Carrie that she thinks Miranda has a drinking problem. 

Meanwhile, after confessing to Charlotte that she and Steve haven’t had sex in years, Miranda attended Che Diaz’s comedy show with Carrie and Charlotte, where she appeared to have an awakening. Then, after sneaking into the after-party, she shared a very intimate moment with Che. Is she ready to embark on a new path?

Yep, it’s fair to say that everyone has a lot going on, but our beloved characters seem to be taking up Che’s directive about changing your life if you don’t like it. The episode even ends with Carrie deciding to walk back to her old apartment, which suggests that a relocation is on the cards.

So, let’s get into episode four – Some Of My Best Friends – and be sure to check back every week for the latest recap of And Just Like That.

And Just Like That: Miranda, Brady and Louisa in episode 4

1. Carrie’s back at her old apartment, where she’s stayed the night underneath her coat. There are boxes everywhere, her clothes are in plastic bags, and there are shoeboxes all over the kitchen counters. Fortunately, there is a coffee machine.

2. Charlotte’s in a fancy coffee shop ordering lattes to go while confirming a colonoscopy for Harry on the phone. As you do.

3. She’s meeting Lisa Todd Wexley, whose kids casually speak French. Oh, the joys of competitive child-rearing!

4. They’ve both bought each other a latte! These two, honestly.

5. Dr Nya’s partner has just brought her some freshly brewed coffee, too. I’m sensing a theme here.

And Just Like That: Kristin Davis as Charlotte

6. Charlotte and Lisa are holding an impromptu PTA meeting in the school playground and discussing  a field trip to the botanic gardens. All the mothers look immaculate and enthused, which, I think we can all agree, is a true fantasy world.

7. Lisa’s invited Charlotte to Herbert’s birthday dinner, which is “nothing fancy” – code for fancy. Charlotte is hyped and calls the doctors straight away to cancel the colonoscopy appointment. Health can wait, Harry!

8. Miranda is waiting for coffee too, although sadly, there’s no one making it for her. She’s staring soullessly at the coffee machine and absolutely radiating “I hate it here” energy.

9. Brady tells her that she stinks of weed. Miranda is horrified and denies that she’s been smoking. I mean, technically, she’s right.

10. Miranda tells Brady and Louisa that she’s “not caffeinated enough for this conversation”, a shutdown I will 100% be borrowing from here on out.

And Just Like That: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw

11. Sound the alarm, Carrie’s back in a tulle skirt! And she’s emerging from her brownstone apartment block like it’s 1998 all over again.

12. Yes, I’m very on board with this outfit. Slouchy striped jumper? Check. Frothy tulle? Check. Purple Fendi sequin baguette bag? Check check check. 

13. Carrie’s returned to her marital home and is staring at the monstrous Peloton standing there like the grim reaper.

14. We’re at dinner with the girls and Carrie’s announced that she’s selling the apartment. The Peloton’s gone to the doorman, and the realtor’s been contacted already. Next topic!

15. Charlotte’s now sharing her news: she’s planning a dinner party for LTW. Carrie’s invited, of course, but only if she’s up to seeing people. “I see people all day long, I live in a city”, Carrie says dryly. These comeback are giving me old SATC vibes and I’m loving it.

And Just Like That: Seema and Carrie build a friendship in episode 4

16. Miranda announces that she’s having dinner with her professor, which is, as Carrie observes, quite the turnaround. They’re gonna talk motherhood and inequality in the workplace. Next.

17. Miranda wants to order a bottle of wine and Charlotte’s looking panicked.

18. Carrie’s realtor, Seema, is officially on the scene. She’s just rocked up to Eleven Fifty Fifth Avenue in a car with a personalised number plate. Her chauffeur opens the door and what do we see first? A beautifully pedicured foot stubbing out a cigarette. ENERGY.

19. Seema’s a scream. She’s telling Carrie that her name means ‘boundary’ in Hindi, which is hilarious to her, apparently, because she has none.

20. Seema’s now telling Carrie that everything in her marital home has to go. Carrie’s makes an important announcement: no one is to touch her shoes. Seema gets it, naturally; she’s named all her purses.

And Just Like That: Sarita Choudhury as Seema Patel

21. Seema’s now giving Carrie a lift downtown and they’re already sharing cigarettes. Hello, is this Carrie Bradshaw from the 90s?

22. We’re at the podcasting studio. The podcast socials “suck” says a producer, who tells Carrie that she while she’s sorry for her loss, she needs to get it together. Ouch.

23. Charlotte’s propped up in bed with her laptop. She’s telling Harry about the dinner party – at the moment, her and LTW are “mum friends”, but she wants them to be “real friends”. They’re an impressive couple, she warns. “We’re gonna have to bring it!”

24. Now Charlotte’s looking crestfallen. All the couples she’s invited, she wails, are “vanilla”. The Wexleys can’t be the only Black couple at her dinner party, she says. “They’re gonna think we don’t have any Black friends!”

25. Charlotte is now proving her point by harassing her neighbour and trying to cajole her into joining the dinner party.

And Just Like That: Charlotte and Harry plan their dinner party

26. Now she’s cleaning the silverware looking like a 50s housewife. She’s on the phone to Anthony trying to procure the contact details of one of his Black friends.

27. Panic over: LTW’s just cancelled the dinner party. Charlotte’s now madly cancelling her dinner party.

28. Miranda and Dr Nya are having dinner. Miranda’s in a gorgeous orange jumpsuit, and I tell you, her wardrobe is the one doing it for me this season. 

29. Dr Nya’s opening up about her fertility issues and bonding with Miranda, which is pretty moving.

30. Carrie’s checking out new houses with Seema. A random man who’s having a midlife crisis hits on Carrie, but Seema saves her in the nick of time.

31. They’re now having drinks and Seema’s showing Carrie pictures of men of her dating app. “I just want someone to create a dating app that’s called ‘Here’s the man you’ve been searching for’.” What a wonderful world that would be.

And Just Like That: Carrie with her colleagues at the podcast studio

32. Charlotte and Harry are arriving at LTW’s place for dinner and Charlotte is prepping Harry. It’s unacceptable, she says, that they don’t have a more diverse friendship circle, so he needs to bring his “A-game”. Zero chill.

33. LTW has assembled a gorgeous group of friends and Charlotte immediately puts her foot in it by mistaking a Black woman for someone she knows. Harry comes to the rescue with a clanger about the new Zadie Smith book.

34. Carrie arrives back at her marital home to find Seema has totally redecorated it in cream. She calls Miranda, who’s sitting on the sofa at home with a glass of wine. Miranda’s sympathetic and says that sometimes she looks around her house and sees no sign of her either.

35. Back at the dinner party, LTW’s husband Herbert calls Charlotte and LTW the “Thelma and Louise” of the PTA, but without the crime spree and the double suicide. The way Charlotte’s carrying on though, someone might actually get hurt.

36. LTW tells everyone at dinner about Charlotte’s love of art. Charlotte points out all the paintings of value around LTW’s home and shows that she can, in fact, hold a normal conversation after all.

And Just Like That: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw

37. Carrie’s back in her old apartment and has just discovered a note from Stanford. My heart is pounding.

39. Anthony’s now rocked up and is explaining to Carrie that Stanford is now managing a huge TikTok star in Tokyo, who he has just suddenly decided to go on tour with.

40. Anthony doesn’t get it, he says, but then he’s “old, gay and not Japanese”. He tells Carrie that Stanford couldn’t bring himself to tell her that he was leaving NYC after Big died.

41. There’s more shocking news: Stanford wants a divorce! Anthony doesn’t get it, he says, looking shellshocked. I’m welling up.

42. Charlotte and LTW are now having coffee and LTW’s complimenting her on being the “mother-in-law whisperer”, a quality that has been proven multiple times that I do not possess.

43. Charlotte’s confessing to LTW that she was worried about having her and Herbert over for dinner because they’d be the only Black couple. LTW says that she was worried that Charlotte and Harry would be self-conscious about being the only white couple at her dinner party. So much in common!

And Just Like That: Stanford and Carrie have a heart-to-heart chat in episode 4

44. Carrie’s back at her marital home again with Seema. Honestly, the back-and-forth between apartments in this episode is giving me whiplash.

45. Uh oh, Seema’s explaining that the movers have accidentally broken the glass on a framed photograph of Carrie and Big. Carrie’s not OK and lashes out at Seema. “He’s gone, it’s broken, and no one can fix it.”

46. Seema’s now called Carrie out for being insensitive about her persistence with dating, and you know what? I’m here for it.

47. Now they’ve both apologised and sat down for sushi. “And just like that,” Carrie explains, “we began our real friendship.”

The first four episodes of And Just Like That are available to watch now on Sky and NowTV. 

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