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Facelifts, fantasies and one major fallout between friends: everything we learned from episode 6 of And Just Like That

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Warning: this story contains spoilers from the sixth episode of the Sex And The City reboot, And Just Like That.

Now that we’ve passed the halfway mark of HBO Max’s revival of Sex And The City, it’s clear that Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda’s lives have changed irrevocably. Not only has Samantha Jones departed the group chat, but Big has died, Anthony’s getting a divorce, and Miranda has had a queer awakening.

In the fifth episode of And Just Like That, there was plenty more uncomfortable news for our beloved trio. Carrie learned she needed hip surgery, Charlotte was informed her daughter Rose was going by the name “Rock” at school and Miranda realised that she had a drinking problem.

In the midst of all it all, though, sex came back to the city – and not from Carrie Bradshaw.

After getting to know Che a little bit more after they stopped by to visit Carrie after her hip surgery, Miranda invited Che into Carrie’s apartment while she was on post-op care duty. After taking tequila shots and smoking weed, the pair ended up kissing, which swiftly escalated into full-blown sex in the kitchen. Carrie was forced to bear witness while she was lying incapacitated, and after Che left, she confronted Miranda, who admitted that she’s desperately unhappy in her marriage.

We also find out that Samantha Jones is still very much on the scene – albeit it in spirit – after Carrie texted her to let her know that she told the diaphragm story on an episode of the podcast. SJ replied right away in good humour, but disappeared when Carrie told her that she missed her.

And so to episode six – Diwali – which, judging by the trailer, promises plenty more surprises. Read ahead to find out everything that happens – and be sure to check back every week for the latest recap of And Just Like That.

And Just Like That: Carrie enlists Anthony to help her shop for a new apartment

1. Carrie is apartment shopping downtown with Anthony in knee-high leather boots and a brown velvet jacket. Is she going riding?

2. Anthony’s debating whether to move, too. “Should I use your realtor or is she too much of a top?” he asks Carrie, seriously.

3. Seema’s pacing outside the apartment in a cheetah-print suit giving Big Cat Realtor energy. I believe this woman could single-handedly spearhead the animal print revival.

4. She’s on the phone to her dad and smoking furiously, which is completely relatable. He’s telling her that she needs to get a new sari pronto for the upcoming Diwali party.

5. We’re at dinner with Carrie and the girls, and Carrie’s wondering whether she’s really living or retreating in her old apartment. She can’t be one of those people who says they’ve lived in the same apartment for 25 years when rent was $2, and her pensioner impression is spot on.

And Just Like That: Seema Patel (Sarita Choudhury)

6. Ooh, the fries have arrived.

7. Charlotte’s trying to chivvy Lily and Rock out the door while they’re listing all the things they want to change about their bedroom. No dolls, no murals, and oh… and Rock wants to cut all their hair off. Charlotte looks like she’s about to combust.

8. Miranda’s in class daydreaming about her hookup with Che and is blissfully oblivious to Dr Nya speaking to her. 

9. They’re sipping coffee in the park and I cannot understand for the life of me why I did not have a cool professor friend who would chat to me about relationship trouble and forget all about assignments. Robbed.

10. Dr Nya just got a call from her husband informing her that they have a dinner date with another irritating couple, one of whom is called ‘fertile Myrtle’. No explanation needed.

11. Seema’s sari shopping for the upcoming Diwali celebrations. She tells Carrie that it’s always an excuse for her parents to ask why she’s still not married.

And Just Like That: Carrie accompanies Seema as she shops for a Diwali sari

12. Carrie, the ultimate magpie, is in love with all the saris. Now she’s hinting in a not-so-subtle way that she wants to join Seema for the Diwali party, who’s also up for it.

13. We’re now at Carrie’s storage unit with Charlotte to “pick out a few things” from the thousands of boxes to make her feel at home in her new place. Uh, Carrie, have you ever moved?

14. Charlotte’s whipped out two pink box cutters from her handbag, which she’s brandishing like pistols.

15. Uh oh, Carrie’s opened a box of Big’s records and the grief has hit.

And Just Like That: Carrie and Charlotte search for belongings to take to Carrie's new apartment

16. They’re leaving now with a few essentials: a huge sunhat, a Conran lamp and a frying pan. What more could you possibly need?

17. We’re now at Carrie’s new apartment, where’s she’s cooking eggs while wearing the huge sunhat. The only other thing in attendance is an annoying bleeping sound, which refuses to be identified. Because as we all know, Carrie doesn’t do technology.

18. Anthony’s now calling asking Carrie if she’ll accompany him to see the plastic surgeon because his hookup called him ‘Daddy’.

19. Dr Nya and her husband are at dinner with the one and only ‘fertile Myrtle’, and guess what? She’s pregnant again.

And Just Like That: Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw

20. Darkness has fallen, Carrie’s eating dinner, and the beeping noise is still going strong.

21. Miranda’s got her vibrator out thinking about Che and Brady’s outside the door calling for her. Leave your mother in peace, child.

22. Now Miranda’s yelling to Brady about his maths test. Hard to tell whether it’s the orgasm or anger that’s responsible for the volume.

23. We’re getting our second sex scene of this episode within the space of two minutes, this one courtesy of Dr Nya and her husband. Honestly, it’s like buses: you wait a lifetime for one to arrive, and then they all descend at once.

24. Carrie’s in bed wearing sunglasses, as you do, and the beeping is still going. “This isn’t working!” she screams.

25. We’re now at the plastic surgeon’s office with Anthony and Carrie for the consultation. Only the surgeon thinks Carrie’s here for the work!

And Just Like That: Alexa Swinton as Rose/Rock

26. The surgeon’s telling Anthony that he doesn’t need a facelift, just a little Botox. It’s all down to those good Italian genes, which I could have told him myself.

27. Carrie’s now asking the surgeon to examine her face and I’m watching through my fingers. Phew, he says she doesn’t need a facelift either.

28. Spoke too soon. “Maybe just a half-lift?” he says casually.

29.The surgeon’s taking a 3D scan of Carrie’s face and telling her that with a few little tweaks, he can turn back the clock to 1998. She’s interested.

30. The girls are having a picnic overlooking the river debating Carrie’s potential facelift. Miranda’s saying all the right things, ie toxic beauty ideals, ageing is beautiful, etc.

31. Charlotte’s telling Miranda that she’s proud of her for going cold turkey and quitting drinking. Miranda’s looking nervous because Charlotte doesn’t know about that little encounter with Che.

32. Miranda’s informing Charlotte over the cheeseboard that she’s now replaced drinking with obsessive masturbation and fantasies about Che. I mean, everyone’s got to have a hobby, right?

And Just Like That: episode 6 features a very tense picnic

33. Omg, Charlotte’s now confessed that she’s even had a sex dream about Che! It was on a ferry, apparently. Miranda’s now telling Charlotte about the hookup, and she’s predictably scandalised.

34. Miranda’s explaining that she doesn’t know what her encounter with Che means yet. Charlotte does, of course. “It is an AFFAIR!” she shouts across the ciabatta.

35. Charlotte’s now asking Miranda if she’s gay now. Miranda says she doesn’t know – all she’s certain of is that her hookup with Che made her feel alive.

36. Charlotte’s not buying it. “You’re not progressive enough for this,” she shoots back. Oof.  

37. Miranda’s now stormed off.

38. Oh god, Charlotte’s still not done. “You’re having a midlife crisis; you should have just dyed your hair!”

And Just Like That: Carrie decides she's happy in her old apartment after all

39. Carrie’s now chasing after Miranda and telling her that she’s lost too many of her loved ones to now lose Miranda, too.

40. Miranda’s reluctantly agreed to rejoin Charlotte at the table, and Carrie’s explaining to Charlotte that some people can’t just stay as there were.

41. Party time! Carrie’s descending the steps outside her old apartment block dressed in an incredible sari.

42. We’re now at the Diwali party, where Seema’s parents are grilling Carrie about Seema’s ‘boyfriend’, who they still haven’t met after eight months. Carrie spins a frankly brilliant story about the boyfriend not being good enough for Seema. This is a masterclass, folks, in having your friend’s back.

43. Carrie and Seema are now back together in the car smoking like schoolgirls and Carrie’s confessing to Seema that she hates the apartment. No problem, Seema says – she can sell it!

And Just Like That: Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) decided to text Che Diaz in episode six

44. Seema’s given Carrie a Hindu bracelet as a reminder of her strength, which is a pretty touching moment.

45. We’re now back at Carrie’s old apartment surrounded by all her glorious stuff and Big’s vinyl, which she’s listening to on the record player. “And just like that, I remembered how much I loved the last 15 years,” she says in the voiceover.

46. Carrie’s unpacking all her boxes, Charlotte’s packing up her kids’ dolls, and Miranda’s folding laundry. Scrap that: she’s now messaging Che asking them to hang out sometime…

The first six episodes of And Just Like That are available to watch now on Sky and NowTV. 

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