And Just Like ThatAnd Just Like That: HBO have confirmed Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte will be back on our screens for a second season

And Just Like That: HBO have confirmed Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte will be back on our screens for a second season

It’s official! Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte will be making their way back into our lives (and onto our screens) with a second season of And Just Like That…

It was the show that sparked a million questions. Even before And Just Like That came onto our screens, we couldn’t help but wonder aloud how the revival would play out.

How would the show navigate a world that was so vastly different to where we left Sex And The City? How would it deal with the tragic passing of fan-favourite Willie Garson, aka Stanford Blatch? And could it even work without the group’s missing piece, Samantha?

It seems we needn’t have worried though, as Casey Bloys, the chief content officer for HBO and HBO Max, told Variety before the AJLT finale that it had been the streamer’s most successful original series to date.

There’s no surprise then that HBO have confirmed Carrie and co will be returning to our screens for a second season.

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The announcement confirmed the returns of Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis; with the three also acting as executive producers.

In a statement, showrunner Michael Patrick King said: “I am delighted and excited to tell more stories about these vibrant, bold characters — played by these powerful, amazing actors. The fact is, we’re all thrilled. And Just like That … our Sex life is back.”

“We did something that was hard to do, which is we took something familiar and did make it new — for better and for worse.”

Carrie Bradshaw wears orange Valentino dress And Just Like That
Carrie flew to Paris and said a final goodbye to Big in the AJLT season one finale

Of course, the show wasn’t without its critics. With the introduction of new characters, unfamiliar dynamics and the destruction of some relationships many viewers held near, And Just Like That was always going ruffle a few feathers among die-hard fans.

However, the finale of season one certainly left a lot on the table to expand upon in the future, between Carrie’s new podcast and love interest, Miranda and Che’s budding relationship and Charlotte’s family discoveries. And after we saw Carrie and Samantha agree to a drink via text, who knows what else could be in store?

Sex And The City ran on HBO for six seasons from 1998 to 2004 and with so much juicy material, we wouldn’t be surprised if And Just Like That was set for a similar run.

While we don’t have a release date for the second season just yet, we will be sure to keep you updated with the latest on AJLT’s grand return.

Season one of And Just Like That is available to watch on Sky and HBO Max.

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