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New on Disney+: the best films and TV shows to watch in April 2022

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There’s a lot of good stuff coming to Disney+ this April…

Disney+ has rapidly become one of our go-to streaming services, thanks to the sheer wealth of truly excellent TV and films available on there.

And it seems as if Mickey Mouse and co are pulling out all the stops to ensure that Disney+ becomes synonymous with the word entertainment, as it recently announced a wealth of new titles from Walt Disney Studios, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pixar and more – all of which are due to drop on the platform in the not-so-distant future.

So, from BBC’s The Missing and US comedy Dollface to nature documentary Polar Bear, here’s our pick of the best new series and movies coming to Disney+ this month.

And don’t you fret; we’ll be sure to keep this article updated with new titles and release dates as and when they become available.

Happy viewing!

The Reason I Jump

The Reason I Jump is based on the bestselling book by Naoki Higashida, a non-speaking autistic Japanese boy. The documentary weaves Naoki’s writings around stories of non-speaking autistic people across the globe, immersing the audience in their unique sensory worlds.

The Reason I Jump is available on Disney+ now.

Moon Knight

What do you get when you cross Oscar Isaac, London and some pretty powerful Egyptian gods? The latest Marvel series, of course. Moon Knight follows Steven Grant (Isaac), a mild-mannered gift-shop employee who becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of another life.

Steven discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and actually shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. “As Steven/Marc’s enemies converge upon them, they must navigate their complex identities while thrust into a deadly mystery among the powerful gods of Egypt,” reads the show’s synopsis. 

If the trailer’s anything to go by, it’s set to be tense, dark with some humorous injections.

Moon Knight is available to stream on Disney+ now, with episodes being released weekly.

The Dropout

It’s the eagerly anticipated Disney+ series that we’ve been buzzing with excitement for since we lapped up the podcast. And now, we get to see the utter drama of Elizabeth Holmes unfold on the small screen.

Based on the ABC News podcast of the same name, The Dropout sees Hollywood actor Amanda Seyfried star as Elizabeth Holmes. The Silicon Valley entrepreneur was once dubbed “the next Steve Jobs” but Holmes’ revolutionary health technology company, Theranos, was famously exposed as a scam.

Just how did the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire lose it all in the blink of an eye?

The Dropout is available to stream on Disney+ now, with episodes airing weekly.


Season two of this lovable comedy is coming to Disney+ this month and we couldn’t be more excited for a lighthearted binge-watch. This series follows Jules (Kat Dennings) and her girlfriends “post-pandemic, post-heartbreak, heading towards turning 30”, according to the synopsis. 

“Now that she’s reunited with her friends (Brenda Song, Shay Mitchell and Esther Povitsky), Jules must balance keeping their group together as each woman sets on a path towards their next chapter and a deeper relationship with themselves.” Relatable much?

Dollface will be available to stream on Disney+ on 27 April. 

The Missing

This BBC crime drama sits at the top of our list of all-time favourite series for a reason: it’s tense, slow-burning in the kind of way you want from a gritty investigation, and will honestly keep you guessing till the very last moments of each episode.

If you’ve never had the chance to watch the two series (or if you have and just want a rewatch), it’s coming to Disney+ this month. The first season deals with a missing child case that will leave you suspicious of everyone in the French town where it’s set. The second series, however, is both chilling and addictive to watch. It hones in on the daughter of a British military family in Germany who has been missing and turns up one day – but everything is not as it seems.

The Missing seasons one and two will be available to stream on Disney+ on 13 April.

Single Drunk Female

We were won over by this series as soon as we read its title. The comedy is landing on Disney+ this month and has far too relatable elements that will leave you laughing and maybe reconsidering your life choices. 

As the synopsis reads: “A public flame-out at a New York media company forces 20-something alcoholic Samantha Fink to seize the only chance she has to sober up and avoid jail time: moving back home with her overbearing mother, Carol. 

“Back in Greater Boston, Samantha restarts her life, working at the local grocery store while surrounded by all of the triggers that made her drink in the first place. Confronted with remnants of her old life, including run-ins with her perfect former best friend, who is now dating her ex, Samantha sets out on a path to move past her worst self and figure out her best self. Kinda.”

Single Drunk Female is available to stream on Disney+ on 6 April.

Polar Bear

To celebrate World Earth Day on 22 April, Disney+ will be bringing us shows focused on teaching and engaging us about worldly matters. One of the offerings we’re most excited for is Polar Bear, which comes from the directing team behind Penguins

The docufilm tells the story of a mother polar bear and her cubs and is narrated by two-time Academy Award nominee Catherine Keener (Capote, Being John Malkovich). According to the synopsis, it “tells the story of a new mother whose memories of her own youth prepare her to navigate motherhood in the increasingly challenging world that polar bears face today”.

Polar Bear will be available to stream on Disney+ on 22 April.

Explorer: The Last Tepui

Explorer The Last Tepui
Explorer: The Last Tepui will be available to stream on Disney+ on 22 April.

If you were as transfixed (and petrified) watching Free Solo as we were, then you’re bound to enjoy this documentary. Climber Alex Honnold is back with another thought-provoking docufilm and this time round will be undertaking a gruelling mission deep in the Amazon jungle as he and his team attempt a first-ascent climb up a 1,000-foot sheer cliff. 

“Their goal is to deliver legendary biologist and National Geographic explorer Bruce Means to the top of a massive ‘island in the sky’ known as a tepui,” according to the synopsis.

“The team must first trek miles of treacherous jungle terrain to help Dr Means complete his life’s work, searching the cliff wall for undiscovered animal species.”

Explorer: The Last Tepui will be available to stream on Disney+ on 22 April.

The Mick

It’s set to be sitcoms galore this month on the streaming platform as The Mick will be landing mid-month and we can’t wait. The Fox comedy follows a woman who has to move to a wealthy neighbourhood to raise her sister’s children, and realises that they are very spoilt.

The Mick will be available to stream on Disney+ on 13 April.

Planet Of The Apes 

If you’re a fan of Planet Of The Apes, you’ll be excited for what’s to come on Disney+ this month. Rise Of The Planet Of Apes (2011), Beneath The Planet Of The Apes (1970), Escape From The Planet Of The Apes (1971), Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes (1972) and Battle For The Planet Of The Apes (1973) are all coming to the platform at the end of the month – movie marathon, anyone?

The Planet Of The Apes movies will be available to stream on Disney+ on 29 April.


Is it too soon to call this beloved French film a classic? The 2001 movie is coming to Disney+ this month and we’re ready to get lost in the Parisian bliss of it all. The heartwarming comedy follows Amélie, an innocent (and naive) woman with her own sense of justice. She takes it upon herself to help people find happiness and her quest to spread joy leads her on a journey where she finds true love.

Amélie will be available to stream on Disney+ on 1 April.

This Is Us

Episodes of the beloved family drama (that has us continually reaching for the tissues) are released weekly on Disney+ and with the finale looming (26 May), we’re gearing up for more episodes of anguish.

So far, we’ve explored Rebecca’s devastating Alzheimer’s diagnosis, had a first look at the breakdown of Kate and Toby’s marriage, and can only grit our teeth for what’s to come. We know one thing’s for certain, though, we’ll be tuning in for every episode. 

This Is Us is available to stream on Disney+ now, with episodes airing weekly.

Better Nate Than Ever

This may be more of a family-friendly watch but you know what? Sometimes you just want a lighthearted film to switch off with. This musical comedy is based on the award-winning novel of the same name and follows 13-year-old Nate Foster who has big Broadway dreams. 

As the synopsis reads: “There’s only one problem – he can’t even land a part in the school play. But when his parents leave town, Nate and his best friend Libby sneak off to the Big Apple for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to prove everyone wrong. 

“A chance encounter with Nate’s long-lost Aunt Heidi turns his journey upside-down, and together they must learn that life’s greatest adventures are only as big as your dreams.” Oh, and did we mention that Friends’ Lisa Kudrow is in the cast too? Sign us up.

Better Nate Than Ever is available to stream on Disney+ now

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