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Netflix UK releases January 2022: all the best new films and TV shows streaming this winter

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As we move towards a new year, Netflix is doing what it does best – bringing brilliant new content to our TV screens. From romance thriller Brazen and the next instalment of Ozark to Jonathan Van Ness’ feel-good TV series Getting Curious, here’s everything subscribers can look forward to next month.

While we all knew that entertainment would be absolutely pivotal in keeping our spirits lifted this winter, few of us could have predicted just how much quality time we’d be spending with our TV screens as we ease ourselves into a new chapter.

It’s a good thing, then, that Netflix has stocked the library throughout the first month of the new year with some genuinely exciting shows. As usual, there’s a sprinkling of original content, a handful of returning favourites, and a few new reality series that will keep our minds gently – and we mean gently – entertained as we take our tentative first steps into 2022.

Care for an early look at what’s hitting the streaming platform next month? We’d be more than happy to oblige. Including the next instalment of crime thriller Ozark, Jonathan Van Ness’ feel-good show Getting Curious and Kristen Bell’s satirical new series, The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window, there’s truly something for everyone.

With that in mind, browse our pick of all the best films and TV shows premiering on Netflix UK this January, so you can plan your viewing schedule in good time.

Please note that this article will be updated regularly to include new titles.

Rebelde – 5 January

Netflix UK in January 2022: Spanish teen soap opera Rebelde

Spanish teen soap opera Rebelde originally ran between 2004 and 2006. Now, Netflix is rebooting the popular TV series, which centres on a new generation of students who enroll at the Elite Way School (EWS) with dreams of joining the prestigious music programme and winning the Battle of the Bands to become musical stars.

Mother / Android – 7 January 

In this dystopian sci-fi thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world, a heavily pregnant woman (Chloe Grace Moretz) and her partner Sam set out on a harrowing journey to a human enclave in Boston where she can safely give birth. But first they must pass through the Android stronghold known as No Man’s Land, in which androids have risen against the human race.

Brazen – 13 January

Based on the novel Brazen Virtue by Nora Roberts, this new romance thriller follows a prominent mystery writer and crime expert, Grace (played by Alyssa Milano), who hurries back to her family home in Washington, DC, when her estranged sister summons her. Things get sinister, though, when her sister is killed and her double life as a webcam performer is revealed, prompting Grace to ignore the warnings of cool-headed detective Ed (Sam Page) and get involved in the case.

Netflix UK in January 2022: romance thriller Brazen

The Journalist – 13 January

An adaptation of the award-winning 2019 film of the same name, The Journalist is a heart-pounding Japanese language series revolving around Anna Matsusa (Ryoko Yonekura), a determined and well-respected reporter known as the ‘maverick of news media’. Confronted with political crimes, she makes it her mission to expose the corruption ravaging modern Japanese society.

Archive 81 – 14 January

An original story loosely inspired by the popular horror podcast series of the same name, Archive 81 is an unsettling supernatural thriller that follows an archivist Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie), who takes a job restoring a collection of damaged videotapes from 1994.

Archive 81
Netflix UK in January 2022: horror series Archive 81

According to the official synopsis, here’s what you can expect:

“While reconstructing the work of a documentary filmmaker named Melody Pendras (Dina Shihabi), he is drawn into her investigation of a dangerous cult at the Visser apartment building. As the season unfolds across these two timelines, Dan slowly finds himself obsessed with uncovering what happened to Melody. When the two characters form a mysterious connection, Dan becomes convinced he can save her from the terrifying end she met 25 years ago.”

The ensemble cast includes Dina Shihabi, Martin Donovan, Matt McGorry, Julia Chan, Evan Jonigkeit and Ariana Neal.

Ozark (Season 4 – Part 1) – 21 January

The first half of the highly anticipated two-part final season of Ozark arrives on Netflix towards the end of January 2022, following the Byrde family’s journey from their normal, suburban Chicago life to their dangerous criminal enterprise in the Ozarks, Missouri. Every season, the family have become further entangled in the cartel they’ve been working for, but now the endgame is in sight.

Munich – The Edge of War – 21 January

Adapted from the international bestselling novel from Robert Harris, this gripping Netflix Original film documents the days leading up to the Second World War.

Set in the fall of 1938 as Hitler prepares to invade Czechoslovakia, and the government of Neville Chamberlain desperately seeks a peaceful solution, a British civil servant is sent to Munich to reconnect with a former classmate from Oxford, who is now working for the German government. There, he is tasked with “an act of espionage on foreign soil”: to procure a vital document from his old friend which reveals Hitler’s true intent.

The cast stars Jeremy Irons as Neville Chamberlain, George MacKay as British civil servant Hugh Legat, and Jannis Niewöhner as his old friend Paul von Hartmann.

In From The Cold (Season 1) – 28 January

This new thriller spy series tells the story of a single mother in suburban New Jersey whose life is upended when the FBI arrests her and forces her to make a choice: confront her long-buried past as a highly trained, bio-engineered Russian agent, and become an asset against Russia’s underworld drug trade, and shadow war on US elections – or put her family and the new life she has built at risk.

In From The Cold
Netflix UK in January 2022: new spy thriller series In From The Cold

The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window – 28 January

What do you get when you take a classic suburban thriller about a troubled woman who uncovers a murder mystery and satirise the sub-genre? On 28 December, Netflix’s The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window arrives to take up the mantle.

The official synopsis describes the show as a “darkly comedic, wine-soaked, satirical slant on the psychological thriller” which centres on Anna (Kristen Bell), a “heartbroken” woman who sits with her wine, staring out the window, watching life go by without her. However, when a “handsome” neighbour (Tom Riley) and his “adorable” daughter (Samsara Yett) move in across the street, Anna starts to see a light at the end of the tunnel. That is, until she witnesses a gruesome murder… Or did she?

Getting Curious – 28 January

Queer Eye fans, rejoice: grooming superstar and one fifth of the Fab Five, Jonathan Van Ness, is embarking on a new solo Netflix series inspired by his long-running podcast, Getting Curious. The premise is simple: in each episode, Van Ness will explore a subject that intrigues him.

“From skyscrapers to bugs, or from gender identity to snacks, each episode follows Jonathan as he meets with experts in various fields to uncover complexities in a wide range of subjects,” reads the official synopsis.

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