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Netflix in July 2021: the best new films and TV shows coming this month

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There is an abundance of new TV shows and films to watch on Netflix this month, including Young Royals, Heist, Fear Street, My Unorthodox Life, and Christina Milian’s new romcom, Resort To Love.

It might be grey and gloomy outside, but Netflix has unveiled its lineup for July and it is positively sizzling.

That’s right; the streaming platform is bringing us a plethora of must-watch films and TV shows, including a new true crime series about heists (our favourite), a slushy new romcom starring the one and only Christina Milian, and psychological thrillers aplenty.

Throw in Netflix’s adaptation of RL Stine’s Fear Street, a Scandi drama about a new royal family (step aside, The Crown), and the much-anticipated second season of Never Have I Ever, and you truly do have something for everyone.

With all that to enjoy and more, here’s our pick of what’s new on Netflix this month.

Please note that this article will be updated regularly to include new titles.

An Officer And A Gentleman – 1 July

In this classic romance, set against the back drop of the elite Naval Aviator training facility in upstate Washington, Zack, a young officer-in-training (played by Academy Award-winner Richard Gere) falls hard for factory worker Paula (Debra Winger). Does their blossoming relationship have what it takes to go the distance, though?

Dynasty Warriors – 1 July

Warlords, warriors and statesmen wage a battle for supremacy in this fantasy tale based on the hit hack-and-slash video games of the same name.

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial – 1 July

In this heartfelt 80s classic, a young boy rescues a little alien left behind on Earth, and forms an emotional bond with his new friend. Watch out for a baby-faced Drew Barrymore.

Generation 56K – 1 July

This Italian comedy series, revolving around a group of teenagers, sees Daniel (Angela Spagnoletti) and Matilda (Cristina Cappelli) fall unexpectedly in love, despite having known each other since childhood.

Audible – 1 July

This immersive coming-of-age documentary allows viewers to enter Maryland School for the Deaf, where high school athlete Amaree McKenstry and his friends face not just the usual pressures that come hand-in-hand with senior year, but also with standing up to adversity, dealing with loss, and grappling with the realities of venturing off into the hearing world. 

The Serpent – 1 July

If you missed the BBC crime drama the first time around, you’ll definitely want to tune in and watch The Serpent via Netflix. Because, starring Jenna Coleman and Tahar Rahim, it is based on the remarkable true story of how international serial killer Charles Sobhraj (nicknamed “The Serpent” and “The Bikini Killer”) was captured and put on trial in 1976.

Young Royals – 1 July

Young Royals on Netflix: production still
Love or duty? That’s the question Prince Wilhelm has to answer in Netflix’s Young Royals.

Young Royals follows a teenage Prince Wilhelm as he arrives at Hillerska, a prestigious boarding school in Sweden. And there, away from the prying eyes of the court, he finally gets an opportunity to explore his true self and find out what kind of life he really wants. But, when he unexpectedly becomes next in line to the throne, he is confronted with an incredibly difficult choice: love or duty.

Haseen Dillruba – 2 July

In this psychological thriller, a bookworm finds herself accused of her husband’s murder. Will she be able to prove her innocence, or will she get lost in the chaos amongst the many chapters that her real life novel has to offer?

The 8th Night – 2 July

In this South Korean thriller, an exorcist and monk join forces to fight together against an ancient evil that’s thousands of years old.

Fear Street Part 1: 1994 – 2 July

In the first instalment of the Fear Street trilogy, a circle of teenage friends accidentally encounter the ancient evil responsible for a series of brutal murders that have plagued their town for over 300 years. 

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw – 2 July

If you’re a fan of the Fast & Furious films, then you’ll most likely want to check out this high-adrenaline spinoff starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Jason Statham and Idris Elba.

Mortel: Season 2 – 2 July

Netflix's Mortel: production still
The second season of Mortel finally lands on Netflix this July.

In the second season of this supernatural French crime drama, Sofiane, Victor, and Luisa must fight to save Reda whose body has been possessed by Obé. But, with the power of the god increasing every day, our heroes soon began to doubt that they have what it takes to keep the forces of evil from taking over.

Dracula – 3 July

From the creators of Sherlock, this three-part series (which originally aired on BBC One) offers up a brand new take on the most famous vampire of them all: the magnificent, brooding, and deliciously deadly Count Dracula…

We The People – 4 July

Created by Barack and Michelle Obama, We The People is a series of 10 animated music videos that challenges viewers to reframe their understanding of what government and citizenship mean in a modern world.

Midsommar – 5 July

In the truly terrifying Midsommar, Dani (Florence Pugh) joins her boyfriend on a make-or-break trip to an ancestral commune in northern Sweden. Once there, they are invited by the forever-smiling villagers to partake in celebrations for their fabled midsummer festival – and they are all too happy to accept. However, it isn’t long before the seemingly pastoral paradise transforms into a sinister, dread-soaked nightmare as the locals reveal their terrifying agenda…

Dogs: Season 2 – 7 July

Dogs is back with a second season to explore the powerful bond between humanity and dogs in four new intimate, heartwarming episodes. Whether it’s the story of an astronaut, a priest, a military contractor, or the handler of a legendary university mascot, Dogs shows us how these beautiful animals occupy the same place in all of our hearts — one reserved not just for pets, but for family.

Cat People – 7 July

Cat People on Netflix
Are you a dog person, or a cat person? If the latter, then you need to check out this Netflix series.

Cats are scientifically proven to reduce feelings of loneliness, trigger the calming release of oxytocin and increase sociability – so why do dogs get all the fun? This documentary series aims to set the record straight, shutting down the negative stereotypes of what it means to be a cat person whilst simultaneously revealing the fundamental truths of what it means to have deep bonds with these fiercely independent, mysterious creatures.

Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon a Crime – 8 July

Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon a Crime
Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon A Crime examines one of the world’s most famous murder cases.

In June 2012, Elize Matsunaga confessed to killing and dismembering her husband, Marcos Kitano Matsunaga. Now, almost a decade after her case made headlines, she has broken her silence in an interview for Netflix’s new documentary series.

Biohackers: Season 2 – 9 July

In the second season of this popular German sci-fi thriller, we once again follow medical student Mia Akerlund (Luna Wedler) and her research into the advanced technology of biohacking.

Fear Street Part 2: 1978 – 9 July

The second chapter in the trilogy takes us back in time to the 70s, as the campers and counsellors of Sunnyvale and Shadyside face off against a malevolent force.

The Water Man – 9 July

THE WATER MAN (L-R) Lonnie Chavis as Gunner Boone, David Oyelowo as Amos Boone, and Rosario Dawson as Mary Boone in THE WATER MAN. Photo credit: Karen Ballard/NETFLIX, © 2021
David Oyelowo’s directorial debut is all about love and loss.

In this emotional film, Gunner (Lonnie Chavis) sets out on a quest to save his ill mother (Rosario Dawson) by searching for a mythic figure who possesses the secret to immortality, the Water Man. After enlisting the help of a mysterious local girl, Jo (Amiah Miller), they journey together into the remote Wild Horse forest, but the deeper they venture, the stranger and more dangerous the forest becomes. Their only hope for rescue is Gunner’s father (David Oyelowo), who will stop at nothing to find them.

Virgin River: Season 3 – 9 July

The TV equivalent of beans on toast, the third season of Virgin River boasts yet more gentle drama; think a funeral, a fire, a divorce, a hurricane and (obviously) a new romance, too.

The Cook Of Castamar: Season 1 – 9 July

Based on the novel by Fernando J. Múñez, this period drama (set in 1720 Madrid) sees a talented cook catch the eye of a widowed duke just as he returns to aristocratic society. But can their forbidden love ever hope to flourish?

Naomi Osaka – 13 July

Naomi Osaka mental health
Naomi Osaka's depression and anxiety have seen her drop out of the French open.

What does it feel like to be one of the best tennis players in the world? This three-part documentary promises an intimate look inside the life of one of the most gifted and complex athletes of her generation, and offers insight into the tough decisions and ecstatic triumphs that shape Naomi Osaka as both an elite global superstar and a young woman navigating a pressure-filled world.

Heist – 14 July

From the producers behind the Oscar-winning Two Distant Strangers, this new Netflix documentary series chronicles three of the biggest heists in modern American history. Here’s the kicker though; each heist is recounted by the people who pulled them off. Must-watch TV, right?

Private Network: Who Killed Manuel Buendía? – 14 July

If you’re on something of a true crime kick, then his documentary presents the life of the investigative journalist Manuel Buendía, who was assassinated in 1984 outside of his office in Mexico City.

My Unorthodox Life – 14 July

My Unorthodox Life key art
My Unorthodox Life takes us on an inspiring journey.

Inspired by the success of Unorthodox, My Unorthodox Life is a new docuseries revolving around Julia Haart, a former member of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community who turned her life completely upside down to become the CEO of Elite World Group.

A Classic Horror Story – 14 July

In this gruesome horror film, five people traveling by camper crash into a tree. When they recover, the road they were driving on has been replaced by an impenetrable forest and a wooden house.

Never Have I Ever: Season 2 – 15 July

In the much-anticipated second season of Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever, Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) continues to deal with the everyday pressures of high school and drama at home, while also navigating new romantic relationships. 

Fear Street Part 3: 1666 – 16 July

The final chapter of the Fear Street trilogy sends us rocketing back in time to a witch hunt in 1666. Could the lessons learned then help the teens of 1994 eradicate the evil from Shadyside for good?

Deep – 16 July

In this thoroughly modern horror, four insomniac med school students are lured into a neuroscience experiment that spirals out of control — and must find a way out before it’s too late.

Sexy Beasts – 21 July 

Sexy Beasts on Netflix
Sexy Beasts is Netflix's strange new dating show.

Easily one of the weirder additions to Netflix’s July lineup, Sexy Beasts promises to wave goodbye to superficial dating. How? By using fantastical, cutting edge prosthetics to transform the daters for their first meeting, thus allegedly giving them a chance to find love purely based on personality. Hmm.

Feels Like Ishq – 23 July

Comprising six short fiction films, this breezy and sweet Netflix Original series takes us away from the glossy sheen of romantic classics to show us what love really looks (and feels) like.

Bankrolled – 23 July

While blind drunk, two unemployed millennials entrepreneurs drunkenly post a video pitch about their revolutionary app to a crowdfunding site. When the app catches fire and they accidentally raise millions of dollars, though, they actually have to make their pitch a reality.

Tattoo Redo – 28 July

In this new reality series, five of the most talented tattoo artists in the business take on some of the most embarrassing tattoos and turn them into amazing masterpieces. 

Resort To Love – 29 July 

In this summer slushy of a romcom, aspiring pop star Erica (Christina Milian) ends up as the entertainment at her ex-fiancé’s wedding after reluctantly taking a gig at a luxurious Mauritius island resort while in the wake of a music career meltdown. And… well, you can probably guess what happens next, can’t you?

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