Oh My God music video explained: all the details you may have missed from Adele’s second single

Oh My God music video explained: all the details you may have missed from Adele’s second single

Adele has released the music video for Oh My God, the second single on her album, 30, and it’s full of important symbolism.

When Adele finally released her long-awaited fourth album, 30, back in November, the internet imploded with excitement. It became the biggest selling album of 2021 and has since become officially certified as double platinum in the UK.

And while we’re more than aware of Adele’s talents as a singer, there’s equally a lot to be said about her performances in her music videos.

From sepia-toned longing in Hello to the striking powder dance sequence in Rolling In The Deep, Adele knows how to set off her powerhouse vocals with some stunning visuals. And the video for her latest single, Oh My God, is no different.

Black and white filming? Check. Iconic winged liner? Check. Stripped wooden chairs, an empty room and an elegant ball gown? Check, check, check.

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Directed by Sam Brown, who also helmed the video for Rolling In The Deep, Oh My God is certainly jam-packed with symbols. Opening with the image of an apple atop a wooden chair, the camera quickly pans over to Adele. Soon, there are multiple Adele’s singing in unison, which definitely feels significant seeing as the singer has spoken at length about the personal transformations that have influenced so much of the album.

And while it’s become a meme that, in many of her videos, the dust sheets, barren rooms and random furniture suggest that Adele is undertaking a house renovation that is lasting forever, it’s an interesting motif. As she continues to transform, as an artist and person, there is a strong sense of how she changes in her videos too. 

In Oh My God, while there’s the familiar comforts of her bold eye make-up, slicked bun and tulle gown, we remain surprised by horses, abstract dance, a python and Adele herself, gloved, eating an apple in a pose which feels very reminiscent of Snow White’s Evil Queen.

In the song, she asserts “I know that it’s wrong, but I want to have fun.” Later, when the wooden chair from the first shot burns in the middle of the room, it’s like we’re witnessing a metamorphosis unfold in front of us. A literal burning of the past and creation of the new.

And if the comments on the video, which has already been viewed over seven million times, are anything to go by, it’s an artistic choice that’s had the intended impact.

“The voice, the talent and creativeness. It is all there. Beautifully done,” wrote one viewer.

“This has to be the most creative and amazing song produced by Adele,” added another.

“The title of this song is called Oh My God and that’s exactly what this music video makes me say, oh my god! Thank you so much Adele for one of your masterpieces!” praised a third.

A true delight for both our eyes and ears. Oh My God indeed, Adele.

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