Chrissy Teigen’s baby gender Insta-blip is yet more proof of her gloriously unfiltered approach

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Chrissy Teigen’s latest Insta-blip revealing the gender of her third child is wholly relatable – and in a world where so many people filter themselves, it’s just another side-product of the candidness we love.

Sometimes the best joys can be found in life’s unscripted moments – and so it was for Chrissy Teigen recently.

The presenter came face-to-face with the perils of live broadcasting when she accidentally let slip the gender of her and John Legend’s third child during a chat on Instagram Stories.

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Speaking in the candid, matey style that has become her trademark on social media, Teigen – who announced her pregnancy last month – was updating her 31 million fans about her “poopy placenta” when the mishap struck.

“Anyways, it’s super-weak,” Teigen told viewers of her placenta, in a broadcast from the bed she is currently confined to on doctor’s advice. “And it’s so weird because the baby is really, really healthy. 

“He’s big,” she added “He’s probably… ” and then – realising her blunder – she says “oops!”, putting her hand over her mouth and grinning at the camera.

While the drop-of-the-tongue moment was perhaps a little swerve from what Teigen planned to say, it only makes her all the more endearing to those who love her unfiltered approach.

Whether she’s talking about pregnancy anxiety, sharing a photo of her latest pap smear, or brilliantly shutting down Donald Trump, this is a woman who’s totally unafraid to say it how it is. 

In a world where so many public figures feel forced to censor everything that they say and do, Teigen’s share-all attitude is refreshing – and all the more so because it sometimes veers off-script.

Teigen is not alone in falling foul of the art of live TV, either. 

From weather presenters grappling with a sudden invasion of cows to the international politics professor whose BBC News interview was hijacked by two marauding young children, the internet is brimming with moments of live broadcasts gone wrong (and hey, we could waste a whole afternoon of work just watching them).

It’s hardly uncommon for us flawed souls to reveal more information than we intend to, either: when Jimmy Fallon put a shout-out for “a funny or embarrassing story about someone oversharing”, his #ThatWasTMI request quickly went viral as a series of genius responses flooded in.

So really, in the grand scheme of things, accidentally revealing the sex of your baby barely registers. And for Teigen’s fans, it was merely more evidence of her forever keeping it real.

Teigen’s sharp sense of humour surfaced again last month, when the author confirmed that she and Legend were expecting another child (they are already parents to Luna, 4, and two-year-old Miles). 

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The model made the announcement in a typically irreverent way, via an Instagram Stories clip of her looking in the mirror and, saying: “Look at this third baby shit. Oh my god.” 

The news followed the release of Legend’s video for Wild, in which he and Teigen spend three-and-a-half minutes running around kissing, cuddling, hugging and generally feeling the love.

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