Daisy May Cooper just shared a lesson in persevering after a career rejection

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Daisy May Cooper.

This Country star Daisy May Cooper just shared another hilarious video that also carries a very important message about dealing with rejection.

We’re losing track of all the reasons we love Daisy May Cooper. She is of course the co-creator and co-star of Bafta-winning BBC Three comedy series, This Country. And, more recently, she’s provided the laughs on funny new dating show, Dating No Filter. Cooper has also been the highlight of her fans’ Instagram feeds with her hilarious videos. And she spoke for (most of) the nation when she called out Boris Johnson for the government’s confusing messages during the pandemic last year.

Now, the star has given us another reason to adore her, by sharing a lesson about persevering in the face of negative feedback and rejection at work

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In another iconic Instagram video, Cooper uploaded a video thanking people for supporting her new book Don’t Laugh, It Will Only Encourage Her (which is released on 28 October this year). 

‘It’s about me being a fuck up, basically. I’ve made more mistakes than all the fucking Chuckle Brothers episodes put together, and I still haven’t fucking learned from them,” she explains about what to expect from the book.”

“I’ve got a fucking stripper story in there… I’ve got the time I got absolutely fucked on my own and tried to gatecrash a 16-year-old’s disco, got chucked out by security, loads of stuff like that. 

“It also talks about how I was really poor, and me and Charlie were trying to write This Country, and we had bailiffs on the door the whole time, and I used to have to recycle old tobacco, which was really disgusting.”

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Specifically referring to a time she had to push past rejection, Cooper added: “And it’s also about a producer, right, that turned around to me and told me that I couldn’t play Kerry in This Country. So, it’s a big fuck off to you as well, you c***.”

She added: “Because I’ve got four Baftas now, and I’ve got my own book coming out, which is no holds barred. So all you bastards who’ve fucked me off in the past.”

And thank god she paid no attention to them. We can’t wait to see what else Cooper has in store.

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