Diane Kruger has no time for any ‘too old to wear a short dress’ comments

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Diane Kruger

How should you respond when a parent says your “too old” to wear something? Diane Kruger just showed us. 

“You’re not going out dressed like that!” There are words that were shouted at many of us by a parent while growing up. But what happens when a parent continues to comment on your sartorial choices well into adulthood? And is it unacceptable for them to do so? 

Diane Kruger just gave a very relatable example of how to navigate this, after her mother said she was ‘too old’ to wear a minidress. 

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“My mother told me tonight that I’m probably too old to wear this short of a dress,” the Hollywood actor wrote in an Instagram post that showed her wearing a very cool Louis Vuitton minidress.

“F… THAT,” was her reaction, adding, “Oh and that gorgeous @chaumetofficial ring is probably too expensive for me.”

Kruger also made the point of adding, “Love you Mama.” Because we know our parents don’t mean to be harsh sometimes – they grew up in a world with far more societal expectations of women putting pressures on them, after all. 

But that’s not to say we shouldn’t call them out over comments like this. That’s why many people were quick to point out their similar experiences, with fellow actor Kate Bosworth commenting: “Hahahaha that sounds like something mine would say.”

They also reiterated the point that a woman is never too old to wear something, with model Helena Christensen writing: “Short for sure, too old? Never!”

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The post comes days after Julianne Moore made a poignant comment on why the term “ageing gracefully” isn’t a compliment

“There’s so much judgment inherent in the term ‘ageing gracefully,’” she said. “Is there an ungraceful way to age? We don’t have an option, of course. No one has an option about ageing, so it’s not a positive or a negative thing, it just is.”

They are perhaps wise words to remember. 

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