Jonathan Van Ness opens up about healing his relationship with food

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Jonathan Van Ness

In a new interview, the Queer Eye star revealed that he was taking steps to tackle his previously disordered eating – and shared some words of wisdom about the importance of looking after our health.

Content warning: this article contains references to disordered eating that some readers may find triggering. 

Jonathan Van Ness isn’t one to shy away from difficult conversations – especially when it comes to his health.

Over the last five years, the Queer Eye star has spoken openly about numerous aspects of their health and wellbeing, from his struggles with addiction to how he navigates living with HIV.

And now, in a new interview with Verywell Health, Van Ness has opened up about another struggle he’s faced over the years – disordered eating.  

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While the star previously revealed that they had been “severely impacted” by body image troubles growing up and developed eating disorders as a result, in his latest interview, Van Ness spoke openly about how he approaches his health, and how hiring a nutritionist has helped them to develop new eating habits.

“Your health is something to prioritize—it is not something to put in the back of your mind,” he explained. “I started thinking, it’s probably not chic to [delay eating] and live on so much coffee. Now, I have these cool vegetable-based protein shakes and snacks that don’t make me want to hurl – and I have begun drinking less coffee.” 

Van Ness also spoke about why it’s taken until now to address this aspect of their health – and revealed how changing his diet and approach to food had helped him feel more connected to his body.

“When you are a recovering drug addict, living with HIV and a survivor of abuse – there were just a lot of other fires that I was putting out before focusing on food stuff,” Van Ness explained.

“But now, with my nutritionist, I’m really prioritizing eating throughout the day, thinking about how I feel when I eat, and checking in with my body.” 

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While it’s upsetting to hear about Van Ness’ struggles in the past, it’s amazing to see such a public figure speaking out about their relationship with food and the steps they’re taking to heal.

Van Ness certainly isn’t the only celebrity to have spoken out about their health, but the way he speaks about his body and mind stands out because it’s so refreshingly honest – and it’s hard not to feel inspired as a result. 

For information and help on eating disorders, you can visit the eating disorder charity Beat’s website. Helplines are open 365 days a year.

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