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Dirty Lines: the wacky and wonderful trailer for Netflix’s new 80s-set series about the first erotic phone line just dropped

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Netflix’s new Dutch series Dirty Lines is coming soon and follows the true story of the first phone sex line in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam in the 80s. Hair is big, waistlines are high, synth-pop is all the rage and the Cold War finally seems to be over. Into this colourful landscape comes the world’s first erotic phone line.

Netflix is taking on this wild true story in its new Dutch series Dirty Lines. The show will recount the rise of Teledutch, the first erotic phone line. Created by two brothers, the phone line, which could offer the novelty of anonymous sex, became a wild success.

At first glance, Dirty Lines promises to be fun, sexy, stylish, European romp – and we honestly can’t wait to dive in.

What is Dirty Lines all about?

Dirty Lines will tell the true story of the first Dutch erotic phone line company, TeleDutch, during its rapid rise in the 1980s. 

Dirty Lines Netflix

At the centre of the story, we have Marly, a young sexually inexperienced psychology student who joins the company to record erotic lines. As the company grows, adding more and more phone lines, Marly climbs her way through the company – and learns more about how to give the people “what they want”. Soon, she finds herself at the very top of a phone sex empire.

At its heart, Dirty Lines promises to show the history of phone sex through a new lens – the lens of the woman on the other end of the line.

Who’s in Dirty Lines?

Dirty Lines stars a range of Dutch actors. Joy Delima plays Marly; Minne Koole and Chris Peters play the co-founder brothers, Frank and Ramon.

Charlie Chan Dagelet, Joes Brauers, Julia Akkermans, Abbey Hoes, Benja Bruijning, Eric van Sauers, and Andre Dongelmans will also appear.

Is there a trailer for Dirty Lines?

Yes – and it’s a riot!

When will Dirty Lines be released?

Dirty Lines is coming to Netflix on 8 April. 

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