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Aisling Bea delivers epic mic drop response to that Home Alone accent backlash

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You better believe that Aisling Bea has something to say to critics of her Home Sweet Home Alone performance…     

Aisling Bea isn’t just an actor, comedian and writer; she’s also the queen of the clapback (remember how she turned that sexist article about her “gaping jumpsuit” on its head?).

It should come as little surprise to any of her fans, then, that she has delivered a perfectly deadpan video message to all those people criticising her performance in the trailer for her upcoming Christmas film, Disney’s Home Sweet Home Alone.

For anyone who isn’t aware, the film is a reboot of/soft sequel to the 1990s Macaulay Culkin classic. This time, however, it sees Max Mercer (JoJo Rabbit’s Archie Yates) accidentally left home alone over the holidays when his family jets off on holiday to Japan.

At first, he’s delighted by the prospect. Just as he’s getting used to life by himself, though, a married couple tries to steal an heirloom from the Mercer home. 

Cue Max – just like Kevin McCallister before him – stepping up to protect his home.

Watch the Home Sweet Home Alone trailer for yourself below:

Bea, of course, takes on the role of Max’s mother, Carol, in the film, which is due to drop on Disney+ this winter.

However, a number of people have expressed confusion – and, in some cases, actual distaste – over the fact that the Irish actor is using an English accent in the film.

So, keen to explain the concept of… well, of acting to these individuals, Bea quips in her video: “To everybody that has been wondering online why I have an English accent in the new Home Alone movie, it’s because the character’s English.

“She’s from England and if she was from England and she spoke with an Irish accent then that would be quite strange. But she’s English.”

Warming to her theme, Bea continues: “If she was Australian she’d probably have an Australian accent. If she was from Texas then she’d probably have a Southern accent. If she was from Scotland then she might have a Scottish accent.

“If she was Irish she would speak very much like I do, because I am from Ireland. But this character is not from Ireland… she’s from England, and so that’s why I’m doing the accent.”

Check it out:

In an added stroke of brilliance, Bea’s caption on the video post points out: “It is also not a true crime documentary about a mother who leaves her son alone to fend for himself, because if it was I would be in jail.”

Well, quite. Although, now Bea’s mentioned it, a gritty crime drama reboot of the Home Alone story would almost definitely capture our imaginations…

Home Sweet Home Alone will become available for streaming via Disney+ on 12 November. 

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