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Boiling Point: Stephen Graham’s one-take restaurant thriller has just been released on Netflix and is getting a lot of praise for this reason

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Restaurants, stress and high-pressure situations collide in Boiling Point, which stars Line Of Duty’s Stephen Graham, and it’s taking Netflix by storm.

In the world of Netflix streaming, there can almost be too much to watch at times. With a constant influx of series, documentaries and films, it’s important to take note of the releases that cut through the noise and are genuinely superb.

It seems as though this week’s latest Netflix release is exactly that. Boiling Point may have been released in cinemas earlier this year but it landed on the streaming platform this week (Wednesday 23 March) and has already drummed up a storm of positive praise.

It has already been nominated for four Baftas – including Outstanding British Film – so we always knew that the film would be a hit with viewers.

While stressed-out head chefs and bustling London restaurants may not seem like everyone’s cup of tea, the thriller is directed by Philip Barantini (Chernobyl, The Responder) and, most interestingly, is filmed in one single, continuous shot.  

Boiling Point
Vinette Robinson and Stephen Graham star in Boiling Point.

Boiling Point follows well-known British actor Stephen Graham (Line Of Duty, Peaky Blinders) as beleaguered head chef Andy Jones. The film focuses on one particularly busy night at Jones & Sons, an upmarket restaurant in London. It seems as though Andy’s life is spinning out of control as he has to manage his staff, stay on top of orders and keep a lid on rising tensions.

Just when you think that things can’t get any worse for Andy, the film explores racism, micromanagement, a dramatic allergic reaction and the restaurant being downgraded from a five-star health and safety rating to just three. It’s chaotic, stressful and you will most definitely be on the edge of your seat, as if you’re in the kitchen with the under-pressure staff. 

Boiling Point
Marcella's Ray Panthaki stars in Boiling Point as Freeman.

Since landing on Netflix, viewers have been quick to air their high praise for the film, with many stating it’s the best film of the past year:

Graham can do no wrong in our eyes and it looks like his loyal fanbase agrees:

If you’re looking for a calming watch, this film is definitely not the one for you but the palpable tension is something fans love:

As well as being hailed as “genius”, viewers have been forthcoming in their praise for the cinematography, acting and general feel of the movie:

You go from loving to hating the characters, but that’s all parts of the movie’s appeal:

It does a great job of portraying real-life scenarios in an authentic way:

So if stellar acting and a gripping plotline are what you’re looking for in your next movie pick, you know what you need to watch:

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