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Here After: Christina Ricci’s new film is a whole new level of single-shaming

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Christina Ricci is back with a romantic drama called Here After, but people are questioning the film’s single-shaming storyline. 

Everyone loves Christina Ricci. Known as the cool girl of Hollywood, the actor has earned a number of award nominations for her roles in quirky hits including Casper, The Addams FamilySleepy Hollow, The Opposite Of SexProzac Nation, Buffalo ‘66 and Penelope. 

That’s why we’re ever so slightly confused over her decision to take part in upcoming film, Here After. Brace yourselves for this one, folks…

What is Here After about?

Here After tells the story of a struggling actor, Michael, who dies straight after a bad breakup. He wakes up in Purgatory for single people, only to be told that he must find his soulmate in order to cross over to the other side. 

Within a limited time, he must find true love among other recently deceased single New Yorkers. When he meets the woman of his dreams, who happens to be alive, Michael must figure out how to cheat the system to cross over with her.

I’ll just let you watch the trailer and digest it all for a moment. 

“Unfortunately, you died single,” says Ricci’s character, who appears to be the gatekeeper for ‘Singleton’s Purgatory’. She then tells Michael he “has to find a soulmate” with a very matter-of-fact expression on her face. “You cease to exist and the world continues to go on without you,” she explains after he asks what happens if he can’t find somebody. It then transpires that, in order to be with the woman he falls in love with – who, unfortunately, happens to still be alive – he needs to let her die prematurely. Nice!

“WHY DID YOU SAY YES TO THIS, RICCI?! ” is the first thing that comes to mind. “Is this a joke?” is the next. But it appears that it is not. The only way it could redeem itself is with one hell of a major plot twist – because this is single-shaming at its absolute worst

“The idea that I’ll be forced to keep dating even after I’m dead is my idea of hell,” one person commented under the trailer on YouTube.

“The filmmakers do realise that most couples don’t die together in synchronicity, right?” asserted another puzzled soul. 

“So I take it priests and nuns are in trouble?” asked another puzzled person.

“Find a soulmate in real life or cease to exist. WOW, that’s bleak as hell. I need a drink,” a romantic optimist shared. 

“Well that’s depressing. I love being single and don’t really buy into the whole ‘soulmates’ thing, and I especially don’t believe that humans are meant to exist in pairs in life, but sure, lets pretend that we have to exist in pairs in death,” wrote another Ricci fan, who continued to admit: “The annoying thing is that I’ll probably watch and enjoy this piece of fiction, even though it’s one hell of a depressing premise… Damn you Hollywood!”

“This looks terrible, I am so IN,” said another person who think this is one of those ‘so bad that it’s good’ type films. 

“Yay!! another movie that shames single people and shows compulsory heterosexuality!!!! Give it a rest,” declared this fed up film fan.

But then there are the Ricci fans who don’t care what the film’s about; they’re just glad she’s returning to our screens.

“I don’t care about the dumb premise,  Christina looks like she stepped out of heaven,” one fan put it. 

“Don’t care if the movie is trash. Glad to see her in a film,” confirmed another.

Well, if you do want to see how the hell this film ends, Here After will be released in the US on 23 July. It’s unknown if and when it will be released in the UK.

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