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House Of Gucci: the new trailer for Lady Gaga and Adam Driver’s crime drama is here

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The latest trailer for Ridley Scott’s House Of Gaga has just dropped, confirming that it will be the most glamorous and scandalous film of the year.

Earlier this year, when we were in depths of a long, cold and boring third lockdown, we were given the ultimate distraction. Photographs of Lady Gaga and Adam Driver filming their new movie House Of Gucci on location in Italy flooded social media. Fans could see this was a film that promised intense drama, a scandalous amount of glamour and some seriously iconic 80s/90s high fashion. The best part? It’s all based on a true crime story

As the 26 November release date nears, we’ve been gifted another look at the duo in their iconic roles in a brand new trailer that has just been released…

What is House Of Gucci about?

Directed by Ridley Scott, House Of Gucci is based on a book about the shocking real life murder of Gucci heir, Maurizio Gucci. The story starts with his marriage to Patrizia Reggiani. They spent over a decade being frequent fixtures on the Italian social scene and enjoying the finer things in life together. Reggiani persuaded Maurizio to be more ambitious in his role at Gucci, and it was during their marriage that he became head of the company. The power couple also had two children.

But in 1985, they dramatically split. Ten years later, Maurizio was shot dead by a professional hitman. Reggiani was convicted of ordering his murder and was sentenced to 29 years imprisonment. She was released in 2014 and still maintains her innocence. 

Who stars in House Of Gucci?

Gaga stars as Reggiani, while Driver plays Gucci. Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons and Al Pacino and Salma Hayek round off an incredible cast.

Watch the latest trailer for House Of Gucci

“I don’t consider myself a particularly ethical person,” Gaga’s Reggiani says in the trailer’s opening shot, while nursing an espresso. “But I am fair.”

As Reggiani becomes implanted into the Gucci family fold, she allows herself to be willingly swept up into a lifestyle of glamour, riches and notoriety.

But it still isn’t enough. “They had it all: wealth, style, power. Who wouldn’t kill for that?” shares her voiceover.

Set to the strangely haunting tones of Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams, the trailer allows us our first glimpse into what happens when you want something for so long that you’ll do anything not to have to let it go.

On the surface it may seem like a world of apres ski glamour, high fashion, Studio 54 club scenes and Italian mansions. But it’s not long at all before family ties are tested, marriages strained and murder committed, all for the House itself.

After all, Gucci is not just a name to die for, but perhaps a legacy to kill for, too.

What are people saying about House of Gucci?

The excitement for this film has been building for a long time, but following the release of this new trailer, it seems to have gone through the roof.

“Gaga is so natural in this that you even forget that she is the one acting. House Of Gucci looks like It’s going to be entertaining and with a lot of iconic moments. I can’t wait to see it,” read one glowing comment.

Countless others were already calling for both Best Picture and Best Leading Actress Oscar nominations for the film and Gaga. And from what we’ve already seen, we have a feeling they could be right…

When will House Of Gucci be released?

House Of Gucci lands in UK cinemas on 26 November 2021. 

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