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I Think My Mother-In-Law Is Trying To Kill Me: bestselling author Jessica Knoll will adapt the viral Reddit story as a new thriller film

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I Think My Mother-In-Law Is Trying To Kill Me is the new film that’s set to shine a light on the topic of in-laws in a gritty, psychological thriller. Here’s everything you need to know about the movie. 

When it comes to psychological thrillers, we’re not only avid fans of the genre, but we also know the formula for what makes a successful watch. You need grit, an unguessable plotline and enough moments of quiet reflection to lull you into a sense of false security.

That’s what we recently loved about Netflix’s Anatomy Of A Scandal and ITV’s DI Ray. And it’s what we’re expecting in Daniel Kaluuya’s new thriller The Kitchen and the upcoming Psycho remake, Sheila.

Now, we’ve got a whole new psychological thriller to get excited about in the form of recently confirmed Sony film I Think My Mother-In-Law Is Trying To Kill Me. The title is enough to win us over, but the fact it’s an unlikely adaptation is just the kind of story we can get onboard with. 

While we understand adaptations are usually based on books, podcasts and theatre, this new film takes the form to new heights. You see, it’s based on a viral Reddit story titled My Mother-In-Law Was Poisoning Me, Then I Found Out Why

The online tale by Nick Moorefox is enough to get us excited, and while details of the upcoming film are being kept under wraps for now, we only have the Reddit story to go by. And trust us, the film is bound to be amazing if its Reddit story counterpart is anything to go by.

You’ve likely seen the story yourself floating around the internet. It’s a tale of one unnamed character who embarks on a new relationship and somehow ends up mysteriously ill after visiting their new mother-in-law.

As the story reads: “It seemed like Betsy must have been up to something, but it wasn’t until our next visit when a night in a romantic cottage another hour up the road was cancelled due to me getting sick that I was sure: Betsy was poisoning me.

“I was so sure his mom was poisoning me, and I confronted Craig about it. I told him I wouldn’t visit his family again if she was there. It was our first big fight, but he finally said he wouldn’t force me to visit, and we could figure out how best to deal with the situation. She had never been nice to me, so it wasn’t a loss.” 

Jessica Knoll
Bestselling author Jessica Knoll will be adapting the viral Reddit story as a new thriller film.

Reading the story, you’re conflicted. It has to be the mother of their new partner, right? Well, like any good thriller, it manages to turn everything we thought we knew on its head.

What soon transpires is that Craig had been married previously and his wife had “died on a tragic hiking accident”. As the story continues: “Craig made a lot of money in the life insurance payout and Betsy always suspected Craig had killed her, and was nervous about letting him be alone with me, especially out in the remote area he was so familiar with from his childhood.

“So she ensured that every time he planned an outing that I would be sick. It wasn’t easy, but she didn’t think I would believe her, as no one else had ever shared her suspicions about Craig.”

What a turn of events. And as the story was one wild rollercoaster ride of emotions, we’re hopeful that the film will be even better. 

According to Deadline, author Jessica Knoll will adapt the first-person story for the screen and executive produce. Knoll recently adapted her own novel, the New York Times-bestseller Luckiest Girl Alive, for Netflix. The film, starring Mila Kunis, will debut on the platform this autumn.

While other details about the film are yet to be confirmed, we’ll be sure to update you as soon as we know more.

Watch this space. 

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