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Deadly Illusions: what people are saying about Kristin Davis’ new 'so bad it’s good’ Netflix thriller

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This is what everybody is saying about Netflix’s new thriller, Deadly Illusions, which stars Sex And The City’s Kristin Davis.

Netflix has divided a lot fans with its recent offerings. 

Take the phycological-thriller series Behind Her Eyes, which confused (and, quite frankly, annoyed) viewers with that bizarre ending. And new reality Marriage And Mortgage has left many wondering if it was comparison culture at its absolute worst. There has also been a lot of discussions around Emily In Paris, which received Golden Globe nominations despite the fact that so many people claimed they “hate-watched” it.

Whether you love or hate the above examples, they’ve all roped in millions of viewers around the world. And the latest Netflix drop that is causing a mixed reaction on Twitter is new psychological thriller, Deadly Illusions.

What is Netflix’s Deadly Illusions?

Deadly Illusions follows the story of a happily married couple, Mary and Tom Morrison, whose world is turned upside down when they hire a new nanny. 

Mary is a successful murder mystery author who, upon returning to writing after some time off, hires too-good-to-be-true nanny Grace to help look after her children. Influenced by her writing process, Mary starts to have sexual fantasies about Grace – but she can’t work out what is fact and what is fiction, and the lines become blurred.

Who stars in Netflix’s Deadly Illusions?

Kristin Davis, who is best known for playing Charlotte York in Sex And The City, takes on the lead role of Mary, while Greer Grammer stars as the curious nanny Grace.

Watch the trailer for Netflix’s Deadly Illusions 

Like us, you probably have a lot of questions. 

Is it really all in Mary’s imaginative mind? Is Grace even a real nanny? Will the husband have an affair? Does somebody end up being killed? 


What are people saying about Netflix’s Deadly Illusions?

Since the movie was released on the platform this week, Deadly Illusions has worked its way to the number four position in Netflix’s Top 10. However, that’s not necessarily because viewers think it’s a great film – this looks like another case of ‘so bad it’s good’. 

Variety writer Lisa Kennedy called it a “silly, sexy thriller” in her review, adding, “It’s tricky deciding what kind of cheese Deadly Illusions” is. The Los Angeles Times, meanwhile, has referred to it as “Kristin Davis in sex and the silly”. And there are a lot of articles trying to unpick a confusing twist ending

People on Twitter are also sharing their mixed reviews.

Deadly Illusions [is] probably the WORST shit Netflix ever came out with,” declared one unimpressed viewer.

“Saving you time and effort by saying don’t watch Deadly Illusions on Netflix. 100% cringefest,” advised another.

This Twitter user confirmed: “I love a trashy movie on a Friday night but Deadly Illusions on Netflix might just be the worst film I’ve ever seen.”

But one fan admitted, “Me ignoring the reviews and watching Deadly Illusions knowing full well it’ll be shit and a waste of time.”

And she wasn’t the only one getting into it.

Another supporter revealed: “Deadly Illusions on Netflix was OK. I liked it. Don’t try to argue with me.”

And this fan shamelessly tweeted: “I’m watching Deadly Illusions on Netflix and the acting and the writing is so so bad but I’m having so much fun.”

There are also those who can’t stop talking about the mysterious ending.

As one viewer succinctly puts it: “The ending of Deadly Illusions, ARGH.”

If you want to watch Deadly Illusions to judge for yourself if it’s a guilty pleasure or just plain bad, the film is now available to watch on Netflix.

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