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Rosemead: Lucy Liu’s new film is based on a “heartbreaking” true story

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Lucy Liu will star as a terminally ill immigrant mother in the upcoming adaptation of the award-winning LA Times article ‘A Dying Mothers Plan’.

For all its problems, 2020 has seen a lot of progress when it comes to the need for inclusive, well-rounded narratives in Hollywood.

For too long, there’s been a lack of diverse representation throughout the film and television industry – but thanks to the work of stars like Octavia Spencer, Eva Longoria and Issa Rae and their commitment to speaking out about the importance of seeing new voices onscreen, we’re beginning to see some change.

Lucy Liu’s new project is a prime example of the kind of inclusive storytelling which is set to make its way to Hollywood in 2021 and beyond. Famous for her appearances in Charlie’s Angels, Kill Bill and Elementary, Liu’s latest project sees her take on the lead role in Rosemead, a movie adaptation of the award-winning LA Times article ‘A Dying Mothers Plan’. 

According to Deadline, the film – which is being directed by Eric Lin – sees Liu star as a terminally ill immigrant mother “who takes desperate measures to help her unstable teenage son as she uncovers his growing obsession with mass shootings”. Marilyn Fu has adapted the story for the screen.

Describing the true story as “heartbreaking,” Liu said the film “shines a light on how important it is to understand all aspects of mental illness, especially in Asian communities”.

Lucy Liu
Rosemead: Liu will star as a terminally ill immigrant mother who makes a desperate choice when she learns of her son's worrying obsessions.

Liu said: “I’m excited to be working with Eric and Marilyn to tell a story within our shared culture, and to bring attention to the terrible stigma attached to this disease that can cause individuals and families to become ostracised in their own communities, or in this case, lose their lives.”

Speaking about how the need for greater Asian representation drives her as a screenwriter, Fu described Liu as “the perfect conduit” for the lead role.

“Creating important roles for Asian women is one of my driving forces as a screenwriter,” Fu explained. “Not only do we need to see people on screen who look like us, but who feel joy, who struggle and who confront obstacles, like us. Lucy is a pioneer in showing the power of representation, and the perfect conduit for this complicated woman.”

Although we don’t have any more information about the film’s casting or when we can expect it to be released, it’s safe to say we’re very excited to see Liu bring this heartbreaking and important story to our screens sometime soon. 

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