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Prime Video’s Master: the new horror trailer starring Regina Hall has just dropped and will leave you feeling very unsettled

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The eerie trailer for Regina Hall’s Master has just landed and with its release date coming up very soon, here’s everything you need to know about it. 

Regina Hall really is a jack of all trades in our eyes. The actor had us doubled over with laughter in Little, enraptured in romance in The Best Man and, of course, how can we forget Girls Trip?

Now, though, Hall is bringing her talents to a new film – something a little more sinister than the films we know and love her for.

Prime Video’s Master is set to be an eerie cross between Get Out and Dear White People – making it a feature film that we’re certain will be spoken about for long after its release.

The film – which initially premiered at Sundance Film Festival this year to critical acclaim – is writer-director Mariama Diallo’s debut feature. It follows three women who all have a prestigious New England university education in common, but what happens when an elite college is almost as old as the country it’s in? 

Master Prime Video
Regina Hall stars as Gail Bishop in Prime Video's Master.

Hall stars as Gail Bishop, a professor who has recently been promoted to Master of a residence hall, marking the first time Ancaster College has had a Black woman in that role. She’s determined to breathe new life into the role – one which is full of traditions that are centuries old – but Gail soon finds herself “wrapped up in the trials and tribulations of Jasmine Moor (Zoe Renee), an energetic and optimistic Black freshman,” the synopsis reads.

Jasmine has problems of her own at Ancaster: she’s assigned a dorm room that is known to be haunted, but are the anonymous racist attacks she’s experiencing really down to the ghosts of the school’s past?

Master Prime Video
Zoe Renee stars as Jasmine Moor in Master.

Things only get worse as we follow Liv Beckman (Amber Gray), an Ancaster professor who’s in the middle of her own racially charged tenure review. She’s trying to protect the student body but nobody appears to be listening.

Bubbling underneath the storylines of the three women at the centre of this film is the horrifying idea that perhaps the school isn’t haunted in the way we think by ghosts, ghouls and otherworldly things. But, instead, by whom. 

Master Prime Video
The film poster for upcoming Prime Video horror Master.

It’s social commentary meets horror in the most thought-provoking of ways, but it’s also likely to leave chills running down your spine.

The recently released trailer gives us a taste of the eeriness we can expect of the new film, and trust us, you may want to watch this one in a well-lit room.

As we follow Gail in her new role, immediately the social landscape of the movie is made apparent: “It can be really hard for students of colour – just know I’m here,” Professor Beckman tells Jasmine.

In among the fake smiles from majority-white university professors, shots of dusty attics and all-too-creepy paintings, we get the sense that Ancaster is more than just a college – it’s an institution that’s cursed. 

“This school is unwilling to see itself for what it truly is,” Beckman states in the trailer.

As attacks are carried out, hooded figures lurk in corners and Jasmine is regularly looked down upon, the trailer paints a very vivid picture of the “frosty elitism” that exists within the fictional college.

We just know that this film will hold up a mirror to some very real and important current issues, while at the same time giving horror fans another favourite to add to their watchlist.

Master will be available to stream on Prime Video on 18 March and will be available to watch in select UK cinemas. 

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