Netflix: Amy Adams’ new thriller The Woman In The Window is coming next month

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Netflix amy adams the woman in the window

Amy Adams’ new psychological thriller, The Woman In The Window, is coming to Netflix on May 14.

Are you ready to question everything you think you’ve seen? Netflix has released the full trailer for the long-awaited psychological thriller The Woman In The Window, which will be coming to the site next month.

Fans have been excited for the film, starring Amy Adams and Julianne Moore, since it was teased back in 2019, but after the cinema release date was pushed back from late 2020, the wait is nearly over. 

“Don’t go looking into other people’s houses- you won’t like what you’ll see,” the latest trailer warns and from the looks of it, we can expect dark truths to be revealed, realities questioned and to be gripped from beginning to end.

Here’s what we learned from the trailer for the mind-bending thriller…

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This is definitely one for fans of Gone Girl and Girl On The Train.

Amy Adams is Dr. Anna Fox, an agoraphobic child psychologist who watches the world from her window and isolates herself from any real life contact. She is obsessed with keeping tabs on the picture-perfect family across the street when she unexpectedly befriends the wife and mother, Jane.

When she’s with Jane, we glimpse Anna in a sense of normality – laughing, taking photos and sharing wine with her new friend. But things suddenly come crashing down when Anna, once again at her window, witnesses Jane’s brutal murder.

After calling the police, they arrive with Jane’s husband who insists that Anna has never met his wife and didn’t see what she thought she did. He then introduces her to his wife “Jane”, who is not the woman Anna met before.

As the police begin to doubt her, and she doubts herself, we witness the gripping fallout from what happens when a woman afraid of the outside world lets it in.

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“This is a safe place,” Anna declares at the beginning of the trailer, as if saying it out loud might make it true.

The tension only builds as she descends into madness and frenzy, the hallucinations caused by her medication growing stronger as she tries to prove her sanity that the “Jane” she met was real and she did witness her killing.

But from the unknown presence lurking in Anna’s house, to the anonymous emails containing intimate photos of her, it seems that the watcher has also become the watched. 

In trying to keep the horrors of the outside from coming in, has Anna trapped herself with her own internal demons?

Does she really know what she saw? Who is the real “Jane” and what happened to the person Anna met?

We can’t wait for answers.

The Woman In The Window comes to Netflix on May 14.

Watch the trailer below:

Image: Netflix