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Netflix’s His House: 2020’s must-watch horror finally has a trailer, and it’s something else

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Updated on 30 September: October, as everyone knows, is the best month to curl up on the sofa (with plenty of pillows to hide behind, of course!) and watch a spine-tingling horror film.

It makes sense, then, that Netflix will be dropping a fresh and unsettling take on the overfamiliar haunted house story just in time for Halloween.

And, starring Gangs Of London’s Sope Dirisu and Luther’s Wunmi Mosaku, it already sounds like this thought-provoking horror is going to be a must-watch.

With that in mind, then, here’s everything you need to know about His House.

What’s the plot of Netflix’s His House?

Refugees Bol (Dirisu) and Rial (Mosaku) risk everything to escape with their family from the violent conflict of Sudan. An accident at sea, though, sees them arrive in the UK grieving the tragic loss of someone very dear to them.

After spending time at a detention centre, they’re eventually granted their own house – which, despite being grimy and cut off from the city, feels like an opportunity for a fresh start. But it isn’t long before they realise something is deeply wrong with their new home. That something unspeakably evil lurks within its walls.

That they’re not alone.

Is there a trailer for Netflix’s His House?

Indeed there is, and it’s truly something else.

Check it out:

What has director Remi Weekes said about Netflix’s His House?

As reported on 10 September.

“Making this film I wanted to step away from these social commentaries and move into a space more psychological, emotional and personal,” Weekes says, as per Digital Spy.

“I wanted the focus of the film to be introspective, about them, rather than any larger commentary. The conversations within the film are the conversations that I grew up hearing, as had by my family, my friends and the people that moved in and out of my life.

Weekes continues: “Being a minority in the UK, often, you tend to be torn between two places. There is one part of you that wants to assimilate and fit in and disappear. And there is also the other side of you that wants to rebel and reject the orthodoxy, to seek belonging closer to your roots.

“These two sides are often at war, and this battle is at the heart of the film.”

Netflix’s His House: Sope Dirisu and Wunmi Mosaku
Netflix’s His House: Sope Dirisu and Wunmi Mosaku

Who makes up the cast of Netflix’s His House?

As well as Dirisu and Mosaku, the horror film boasts the talents of Emily Taaffe, Matt Smith, Gamba Cole, Vivien Bridson, and more.

When will His House be available to stream on Netflix?

His House is showing at the Sundance film festival and will be available on Netflix on 30 October.

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