Netflix’s The Forty-Year-Old Version is the film everybody will be talking about this autumn

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Here’s why you need to tune into Netflix’s The Forty-Year-Old Version film this October.

With long autumn nights just around the corner, and the prospect of a second wave lockdown, we’re keen to know what we’ll be watching over the coming months. TV and film were our saviours in the first lockdown, after all. Luckily, we’re already starting to see some great entertainment choices ahead. 

Gillian Flynn’s pandemic-themed thriller, Utopia, is coming to Amazon Prime Video on 25 September. The Crown is set to return for its fourth season on 15 November. And, although no release has been confirmed, The Great British Bake Off has finished filming and is expected to run on Channel 4 soon.

Yep, we’re already pretty excited. And now, Netflix’s trailer for another new film has got us very giddy indeed.

After winning at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, Radha Blank’s The Forty-Year-Old Version is coming to Netflix. Blank – who stars in the lead role – also wrote and directed the movie, while Lena Waithe (Master of None, Queen & Slim) co-produced it.

The trailer has just been released, along with a release date, and we just know everyone is going to be watching this one. 

What is The Forty-Year-Old Version about?

Radha, a down-on-her-luck New York playwright, is desperate for a breakthrough before 40. But when she foils what seems like her last shot at success, she’s left with no choice but to reinvent herself as a rapper: RadhaMUSPrime. The film follows Radha as she vacillates between the worlds of hip-hop and theatre on a quest to find her true voice.

Let’s take a look at the trailer:

As you can see from the trailer, it looks like a timely, poignant and very funny watch – giving a fresh take on the traditional New York tale from a perspective we seldom see stories being told from. We are also very much here for those powerful hip-hop lyrics and performances. 

When is The Forty-Year-Old Version released?

The Forty-Year-Old Version will be available to stream on Netflix globally from 9 October.

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