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Netflix’s We Used To Live Here: Blake Lively’s new psychological thriller is based on a Reddit thread

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Here’s everything we know about Blake Lively’s new physiological thriller, We Used To Live Here, which is making its way to Netflix soon. 

Oh, how we love it when a psychological thriller lands on Netflix. The tension. The twists. The jumping out of your seat. Who doesn’t enjoy a thrill? Sarah Paulson’s Run and Anna Kendrick’s Stowaway are just two recent hits that come to mind. 

Even when they don’t quite hit the mark with the critics (ahem, Woman In The Window), it’s always good fun to tune in and judge for yourself. And sometimes, it can be a classic case of ‘so bad that it’s good’ (yes, that includes last year’s Deadly Illusions). 

That’s why we’re excited over the news that Blake Lively is bringing a new psychological thriller to Netflix. And the cincher is that it’s based on a very creepy Reddit thread. 

Yep, We Used To Live Here is a psychological thriller novella by Marcus Kliewer. It was published as part of Reddit’s nosleep subreddit, where Reddit users share their own scary stories. This one is about returning to your old childhood home only to realise it is not quite what you remember…

As Deadline reports, the thread is about a homeowner who gets a knock at her door while her partner is at work: “It’s a husband, wife and kids. They are peculiar, and the man says he once lived in the house and wanted to take a look around. The homeowner is just getting used to the old house herself, and things get progressively weirder as a snowstorm strands the visitors as they just won’t leave. The homeowner can’t get rid of them, and winds up sorry she ever opened the door as events progress.”

Sounds creepy, right?

New on Netflix UK: A Simple Favour
Blake Lively in A Simple Favour on Netflix.

It’s not yet known when the movie will start production or be released, but we do know that Lively is also working on another Netflix psychological thriller at the moment. The actor is set to star in Lady Killer, a story about a ‘perfect’ 50s housewife who also works for the mafia as a highly-trained assassin.

Of course, this is a genre that Lively does well – just look at A Simple Favour (also on Netflix), which saw her play a glamorous but manipulative mother who goes missing. So we’ll definitely be checking out We Used To Live Here when it hits the streamer. 

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