The Lost City

The Lost City exclusive: Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe reveal all the fun details about their new action-packed romcom, which is in cinemas now

With The Lost City being available to watch in cinemas now, Stylist sat down with the romcom’s leading stars Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe. 

If you cast your mind back to the week immediately before Christmas 2021, you might remember that we were blessed with a chaotic – yet hilarious – trailer for a romcom that just felt like we really needed it at the time.

In among the usual end of year anguish, The Lost City trailer brought with it some good old-fashioned comedy (and chemistry) that film fans have been crying out for.

The trailer captivated social media and did the rounds on Twitter, not least because of its star-studded cast. As well as Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt and Daniel Radcliffe, it was our first glimpse at Sandra Bullock making her return to romcoms after her recent success in Netflix’s The Unforgiveable, where she starred alongside Viola Davis.

As well as being one of our all-time favourite actors and providing us with endless laughs in Miss Congeniality, Bullock is back in the familiar embrace of romantic comedies as disillusioned novelist Loretta Sage. Joining her in the new film, in perhaps a more left-field role for the actor, is Radcliffe, who plays eccentric billionaire Abigail Fairfax. 

The Lost City

As we sat down to chat all things The Lost City-related, it’s clear to see that the film provided some light-hearted relief when it was most needed. Bullock beams as she tells me: “It was such a relief to be around another human being that wasn’t my family that I just loved every single minute.”

But her pre-filming process was one that was filmed with nerves. She says: “Well, having produced it as well years before, every day was a panic. But once the cameras were rolling and you were in the scene, I took such great pleasure in just laughing at everyone. More time was wasted laughing actually.”

For both actors, their time recently has been preoccupied with hard-hitting content. Although we last saw Radcliffe in the eagerly anticipated Harry Potter reunion special, his 2020 film Escape From Pretoria was a harrowing exploration of South African political prisons. Similarly, Bullock captivated us all in post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box.  

It’s the change in genre and filming The Lost City that’s really cemented Radcliffe’s love for comedies, he reveals and says shooting this film was simply “great”. “It’s so nice to come to work when you know your express mission is just to create joy in other people down the line,” he says. “So yeah, I have to force myself to not just do comedies all the time because it’s so much fun.” 

The Lost City
The Lost City is out in cinemas now.

The film, as well as being hilarious and providing some much-needed escapism, also hones in on Channing Tatum’s character, Alan. He’s the cover model of dreams who takes his job far too seriously and starts to embody one of Loretta’s handsome main characters, Dash, in his everyday life. Is there any part of that characterisation – in being attached to a role after playing it – that has occurred with either of you, I ask the actors.

For Radcliffe, it’s his role as Manny in the film Swiss Army Man that sticks with him. He’s “a dead, magical corpse that starts coming back to life and being really useful – it’s just incredibly sweet and I really like him”, he explains.

Radcliffe adds: “He’s one of my favourite characters that I’ve ever played.”

Bullock, on the other hand, doesn’t have a problem with saying goodbye to characters. “I don’t know if there’s anyone that I didn’t mind letting go of. I have a very short attention span, so when I’m done, I’m done.” 

The Lost City
Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe have revealed what it was like filming The Lost City.

When speaking about her character, Bullock refers to Loretta as being “incredibly neurotic and just grating, which is always funny.” But within the character, there’s a sense of losing yourself and losing the passion for what you do.

Throughout the film, the author is overlooked or referred to as being “past her prime”. It’s a sentiment that I press Bullock on further – have you ever felt that in your own personal life?

She laughs and says: “I’m a woman … in the entertainment industry. ‘Past your prime’ happened at 28.”

Radcliffe can only grimace but agrees: “This industry is the worst for that.”

Bullock speaks about growing “tired of fighting” these parts of the industry but hopes that The Lost City can “normalise” working against this rhetoric. 

Being one of the producers allowed Bullock to make executive decisions on how they dealt with that storyline. “That’s why we talked about it,” she says. “I said ‘You need to lean into the fact that she’s a middle-aged woman who people are openly saying is past her prime’.”

It’s a personal experience that Bullock wanted to use for the film and many of the reviews she reads about herself use that exact wording. “I said ‘Can you please go and pull things that have actually been said about me,’” she explains. And it’s those review snippets that are dotted throughout the movie.

She adds: “A lot of real-life things are in this film that you know, you just have to use – it’s funny. They can’t make me cry anymore.” 

The Lost City
Sandra Bullock and Daniel Radcliffe star as Loretta Sage and Abigail Fairfax in The Lost City.

Although it’s revealing to hear, the movie itself doesn’t hone in on the darker sides of being overlooked in life – it’s far from it actually. Throughout chatting, both actors continually refer to the film as “fun”, and if nothing more, The Lost City is the kind of classic, laugh-out-loud funny romantic comedy we all need a bit more of right now.

The Lost City is available to watch in cinemas nationwide now.

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