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Unwelcome: official trailer for the new horror movie starring Derry Girls’ Jamie Lee O’Donnell is here

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The hair-raising trailer for Unwelcome has just dropped, confirming that it will be the suspenseful Irish horror movie we’ve been waiting for.

It really is the season for horror movies, isn’t it? With Halloween around the corner, our appetite for all things spooky increases and the cinematic offerings never seem to disappoint.

The latest to join the ranks of spine-tingling horrors is Irish movie Unwelcome from Warner Bros UK. The chilling trailer has just been released and you may want to watch this one in a well-lit room, in a corner. 

Directed by Jon Wright, Unwelcome is based on Irish and Scottish folklore tales about goblins. Not the cute kind that we often see in animated films, but murderous goblins intent on making life as treacherous as possible for couple Maya and Jamie (played by Hannah John-Kamen and Douglas Booth).

It’s set to hit cinemas in February 2022, but for now, here’s what we know about the movie so far:

What is Unwelcome about?

The movie, also based on an original screenplay by Mark Stay, follows couple Maya (played by Game Of Thrones’ Hannah John-Kamen) and Jamie (played by Great Expectations’ Douglas Booth). They idealistically swap city life for the tranquility of the Irish countryside but it’s safe to say that their search for peace doesn’t go entirely to plan.

They find themselves unwelcome in their new surroundings and find out that the wood at the bottom of their garden is actually home to aforementioned deadly goblins. 

The goblins are actually Redcaps, a piece of Anglo-Scottish folklore that director Jon Wright wove into the plotline with his Irish heritage and interests in mystical creatures. Speaking to Empire about the film, Wright says: “My grandfather, who was an Irish farmer, believed in fairies.

“He used to say that he’d tried to build a wall at the foot of his garden, but every morning when he got up, it had been knocked down. He believed it was being built on fairy land, so he couldn’t have it there. And I had a book of fairy tales, Grimm fairy tales, in my grandfather’s house, which I always used to read when I went to stay. I’ve always been fascinated by myths and legends, and the sort of primal way that they tap into human nature.”

Who is in the cast of Unwelcome?

Maya, who will be battling goblins while heavily pregnant in the film, is played by Hannah John-Kamen who has appeared in Game Of Thrones and played the titular character in Netflix’s The Stranger. Douglas Booth will play the role of Jamie who has starred in BBC’s adaptation of Great Expectations and played Boy George in the BBC Two film Worried About The Boy.

The movie also stars Jamie Lee O’Donnell from Derry Girls and who will also be in upcoming Channel 4 prison drama Screw. Colm Meaney from The Snapper and The Young Offenders’ Chris Walley have also been cast.

Is there a trailer for Unwelcome?

There certainly is and it’s a creepy one. You can watch it here:

Is there a release date for Unwelcome?

Unwelcome lands in cinemas on 4 February 2022.

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Image: Warner Bros UK

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