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Wild Mountain Thyme: fans react to the trailer for Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan’s romcom trailer

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Twitter has reacted to the trailer for romantic comedy Wild Mountain Thyme, which stars Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, and a lot of questionable Irish accents. 

Oh, how we love a romantic comedy. From feel-good classics like You’ve Got Mail and My Best Friend’s Wedding, to modern hits such as To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and Crazy Rich Asians – who doesn’t want the excuse to curl up on the sofa for a good laugh (and maybe a little cry) while watching a romcom?

Most recently, the first look at Kristen Stewart’s LGBQT+ Christmas movie, Happiest Season, got romcom fans excited. And Hugh Grant broke hearts everywhere when he said he’d only make a Notting Hill sequel if it meant he could prove Anna and Will’s happy ending was a “terrible lie” (why, Hugh? Why?!).

But the romcom news that everybody is talking about this week is the trailer for Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan’s new movie, Wild Mountain Thyme.

What is Wild Mountain Thyme about?

Based on 2014 Broadway play Outside Mullingar by John Patrick Shanley, Wild Mountain Thyme is a story set in Ireland. It follows Anthony, a shy and fed up guy who works in his family farm’s fields under the constant belittling of his father, and who threatens to leave to live with his American cousin Adam.

But Anthony doesn’t realise that his childhood friend, Rosemary, has had a thing for him for years, despite feeling the resentment of previously being shamed by Anthony. Caught between their families’ land dispute, sparks start to fly between the couple (obviously). 

Who stars in Wild Mountain Thyme?

It’s an incredible cast. Blunt stars as Rosemary, while Dornan is Anthony. Christopher Walken plays Anthony’s dad and John Hamm is his charismatic American cousin. 

Is there a trailer for Wild Mountain Thyme?

Yes, and everybody on Twitter is talking about it. Let’s take a look…

How have romcom fans reacted to Wild Mountain Thyme?

There’s no doubt that Wild Mountain Thyme ticks all the boxes of “things we want from a romcom”. But people on Twitter are expressing their concern about the questionable Irish accent that all actors use in the film. There’s also a lot of talk about the number of Irish cliches used throughout the trailer. 

Best-selling Irish author Marian Keyes set the tone by simply saying: “Seriously…… this is a CRIME.”

“Lads… this is a parody, right?” asked another confused Twitter user. “Those accents can’t be a serious attempt at an Irish accent.”

“Am I right in saying that Christopher Walken’s Irish accent is perhaps the best of a bad lot here?” added one optimistic fan.

The Embassy of Ireland in America even chipped in, tweeting: “To be fair, Irish accents are hard (we struggle with them at times). But otherwise #WildMountainThyme looks great. And, in Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt, presents a remarkably realistic depiction, visually at least, of the average Irish man & woman. Truly, we are a beautiful people.”

And this Twitter user hit the nail on the head: “I think Irish Twitter needed #WildMountainThyme tonight. I, for one, will watch every second of it.”

When will Wild Mountain Thyme be released?

If all of this has actually made you even more curious about watching the film, it should be in some cinemas (dependant on lockdown rules) and available on video on demand on 11 December.

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