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Netflix’s You season 4: filming has started in an exciting new location

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As filming on You season four gets underway, Netflix has finally confirmed the setting for the next series – and it’s not where we expected.

The team behind You season four have shared an exciting update about where the next series will be set – and it’s a lot closer to home than we expected.

Up until now, it was believed that season four would be set in Paris; at the end of season three, we saw Joe enjoying a new life in the city after he travelled there to track down his new love interest Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), who he believes has returned there.

But if the new post uploaded to You’s official Instagram account this weekend is anything to go by, it seems as if Joe will be making another European city his home in season four – London.  

Alongside a shot of Penn Badgley relaxing in his signature Joe chair, the account wrote: “Joe’s back for a bloody good time. If his book choice tells us anything… our boy might not be in Paris anymore.” 

If you scroll onto the second shot on the post, you’ll see the book choice the caption refers to, made up of classic British authors including Charles Dickens and William Thackeray. And if that wasn’t enough confirmation that Joe will be heading to the UK for season four, the setting was later confirmed by Deadline – as well as some brand new cast members who will be joining the line-up. 

These include Eastenders’ Tilly Keeper who will play Lady Phoebe – a character described as “sweet and kind” as well as “rich, famous and chaotic”.

Her character description continues: “Phoebe’s every bikini wax has been documented by the tabloids since she was 15 years old. An aristocratic socialite with an avid fan base, Phoebe’s true colours show when she’s alone with her friends. She’s a steadfast cheerleader, especially to American entrepreneur boyfriend Adam. She’s also a wild card: when misfortune strikes, will she rise to the occasion, or shatter?” 

Safe’s Amy-Leigh Hickman will also be joining the cast as Nadia, a “literature major with a love of genre storytelling” who aspires to be an author.

“Nadia’s outspokenness and intensity are a perfect cover for the insecurities carried by a young woman who’s never been accepted by her peer group,” her character description reads. “She’s made some big mistakes; now, they threaten to destroy her life. She’ll need help, even if it’s from the wrong people.”

Finally, Outlander’s Ed Speelers will play Rhys – a successful author whose memoir garnered him acclaim as well as pressure to launch a political career.

“Born into poverty, Rhys lived a traumatic early life before he came into money, going to Oxford and making all the right friends,” Rhys’ description reads. “Now, he moves easily in any social circle, while also seeing through those around him. He doesn’t have much time for partying, though he enjoys staying in touch with his eccentric circle of friends. After all, they were there for him in his troubled youth.” 

Tilly Keepers
Tilly Keeper is one of the new faces joining the cast of You for season four.

While it’s been a little while since we heard the creepy monologue of a certain Joe Goldberg, the start of production on season four means things are officially hotting up.

Of course, if you’re a fan of Netflix’s horror thriller, you might recall that during our last sojourn with the serial killer, he was married to a fellow psychopath and raising his baby son in a northern California suburb. 

As we all know, though, the course of love never does run smoothly when you’re dealing with someone who has murderously obsessive tendencies. And so, even after trying to turn over a fresh page, Joe (played by Penn Badgley) ended up killing his equally deranged wife Love (Victoria Pedretti), setting the house on fire and making off with their baby, Henry, to Paris.

Last month, Netflix gave fans their first look at season four, which has officially entered production. 

On Tuesday 23 March 2022, the show’s official Instagram account shared the news alongside an image of a blood-spattered film slate. “Feeling YOU-4-ic. YOU Season 4 is now in production,” the caption read.

While the post didn’t share any details of the plot, we can see that John Scott, who has directed three episodes of the series in the past, is directing the episode that is currently shooting.

The hit drama, based on Caroline Kepnes’ bestselling book series Hidden Bodies, has starred Penn Badgley since arriving on our TV screens in 2018.

“It’s been thrilling to watch Penn bring Joe to creepy yet compelling life,” showrunner Sera Gamble said in a statement announcing the renewal of season four. “We’re deeply grateful that Netflix has shown You such monumental support and that people around the world have enjoyed watching Joe really get it all very wrong over the past three seasons.”

“The whole You team is excited to explore new, dark facets of love in season four,” Gamble added.

In March, Netflix announced that British actor Charlotte Ritchie (Ghosts, Feel Good) would be joining the cast as Kate, the new female lead opposite Joe Goldberg.

According to the official Deadline announcement, “she’s smart, independent, suspicious, misses nothing. She is fiercely loyal to her friends, a brick wall to everyone else.” 

The announcement continues: “The daughter of a chaotic, bohemian single mother, Kate worked hard to create the life she now leads. She’s an art gallery director whose job means managing tempestuous artists.”

Apparently, Kate is “especially protective of best friend Lady Phoebe, a sweet and trusting person whose extreme wealth and fame tend to attract opportunists.” Could this new season take place in the world of the British upper classes? It’s starting to sound like it.

Things all kick-off when Kate’s boyfriend, “partier” Malcolm, befriends Joe and invites him “into their privileged world.” But Kate, it seems, is not fooled. She “not only immediately dislikes him, she strongly suspects something about the man is not what he seems.”

It sounds like Lady Phoebe may be Joe’s latest fixation, and detective Kate may be the one person who can see through Joe’s charming facade this season — maybe Joe has finally met his match.

While details about the plot of the new season are still under wraps, Netflix announced in February that Euphoria and The White Lotus star Lukas Gage would be joining the cast.

“Lukas Gage is coming for You,” reads the sinister caption alongside images of Gage and Badgley.

“In @YouNetflix season 4, Gage plays Adam, the warm, funny and hard-partying son of a wealthy family who is famous for failing to meet their standards.

“But the one thing he did learn from his parents is to do whatever it takes to get what you want.”

Now that season four is in production, it’s looking likely that we’ll hear more casting news soon. After all, even though Joe has crossed the Atlantic to begin a new life, the ex-pat is sure to find a cast of new characters to become obsessed with.

In the meantime, you can rewatch seasons one, two and three of You on Netflix now.

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