The best motivational podcasts to get your week back on track

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Give yourself a positivity boost and get back on track with these motivational podcasts. 

From news updates to true crime fixes, career advice to wellbeing tips, we really can rely on podcasts for just about everything. 

That much is especially during the pandemic, where outside inspiration has felt barely there at times, and our headphones have been the easiest place to access mood-boosting content that re-energises us.

Now more than ever, though (and especially after a long bank holiday weekend), your motivation might be close to zero, for good reason. 

Life is hard at the minute, and being on-the-go all the time isn’t healthy. Re-entry anxiety is real and an extremely valid emotion, so it’s important that, as the country opens up, we don’t put too much pressure on ourselves to go back to our normal levels of productivity and socialisation.

That being said, it can still be nice to find a renewed sense of purpose and stimulation– in your life, work or relationships.

Here, we’ve brought together our favourite inspiring podcasts to get you back on track. Whether you need a comforting listen, practical tips or some truth bombs, these podcasts have you covered.

Hey Girl by Alex Elle

Author and host Alex Elle created the Hey Girl podcast with “sisterhood and storytelling in mind.” Covering topics including having courage, showing up in fullness and learning from the fall, Hey Girl is the reminder we all need from time to time: that who we are is enough.  

Changeability by Kathryn Bryant and Julian Illman

Using science, business, entertainment and spirituality, hosts Kathryn Bryant and Julian Illman give you the tools to bring “more success and happiness into your life”. If you’re looking to initiate a big change in your personal or work life, this will have something for you.

The Good Life Project

The Good Life Project offers deep dives into the secrets of inspired living, providing validated tools, strategies and practices to make a real difference in your life. Featuring motivational powerhouses like Brené Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert, episodes are all about offering gentle guidance and alternative approaches to leading a meaningful life.

Practical Positivity by Sophie Cliff

With plenty of practical tips to help you live a happier and more joyful life, Practical Positivity provides mindset hacks for building confidence as host Sophie Cliff shares the lessons she’s learned on her own quest to live a joyful life on her own terms.

Optimal Living Daily by Justin Malik

Are you always missing out on interesting self-help articles because you don’t have the time to read them? Optimal Living Daily wants to help you inspire positive life changes on the go. It calls itself a “blogcast” and hand-picks the best personal development content to read to you, so you’ll never miss out on motivational content again.

Happiness Spells

No matter how busy we are, Happiness Spells encourages us to take five minutes to be present in and curious about the world. It soothingly lists the greatest pleasures and smallest joys in life – from little dogs to big, cosy jumpers – making it the perfect listen before bed to fall asleep happy.

Small Doses by Amanda Seales

Comedian Amanda Seales’ truth bombs might just be the kick you need on a slow week or when you’re feeling bogged down by life. With episodes on the “Side Effects of” insecurity, being a realist and being in your thirties, Seales delivers her motivational gems with honesty and love.

Superwomen With Rebecca Minkoff

From CEOs to artists, the Superwomen podcast features inspiring women as you’ve never heard them before. Hearing these leading ladies get candid about achieving work-life balance, vulnerability and progress over perfection will help you realise that you’re not alone in your challenges.

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