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Best podcasts 2020: our top recommended podcasts made by women, for women

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Women are taking control of the conversation on all your favourite podcasts. These are some of the best to tune into in 2020, including the new podcast by Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.         

We’re turning to podcasts more than ever before. From the distraction of a true crime series to the comfort of the best Desert Island Discs and the laugh-out-loud moments by very funny women, podcasts are the perfect way to stay entertained during the pandemic

And the best thing about plugging in is that we get to feel like part of a conversation. In a world that so often tries to silence the female voice, the podcast platform is giving a chance for women to be heard. They’re allowing us to tell jokes, take a stand and discuss the taboo in a way that traditional venues often don’t – and we are here for it.

Whether you want to laugh, listen to thought-provoking stories or find comfort in chatter, there are plenty of women out there recording it all for us. These are just some of our top recommended podcasts made by women, for women in 2020.

  • French & Saunders: Titting About

    French & Saunders: Titting About podcast.
    British Podcast Awards: French & Saunders Titting About is nominated.

    One of our favourite TV duos has reunited for a light-relief podcast that’s come just at the right time. 

    Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders host Titting About: an Audible podcast series that sees the two friends ‘tit about”with six topics. They chat about everything from learning about sex in school to the seven deadly sins in their life (which includes Idris Elba) and what their last meals would be. 

    The series is funny, charming and a little bit mischievous – everything we’ve come to expect from the comedy pair – and you can download all the episodes now.

  • Doing It Right with Pandora Sykes

    Pandora Sykes
    Best podcasts 2020: Doing It Right with Pandora Sykes.

    The High Low podcaster Pandora Sykes is going it alone with a new podcast all about modern life. 

    To coincide with the release of her new book of essays, How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right, earlier this year, Sykes released her highly-anticipated eight-part series. 

    She is joined by a variety of guests – including Joe Lycett, Stacey Dooley and Sinéad Burke – to discuss the trivialities, myths and anxieties that make up a modern existence. 

    Like the pod’s description says: “This is a podcast that combines the little things and the big things, because a good life is made up of both”.

  • Slay in Your Lane: The Podcast, by Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené

    Slay In Your Lane: The Podcast.
    Best podcasts 2020: Slay In Your Lane - The Podcast.

    The authors of the groundbreaking Slay in Your Lane: The Black Girl Bible – Yomi Adegoke and Elizabeth Uviebinené – follow-up their widely acclaimed guide with a new fortnightly, topical podcast that addresses current news while continuing to drive the conversation around the experiences of black British women.

  • Feminists Don't Wear Pink, by Scarlett Curtis

    Best podcasts 2020: Feminists Don’t Wear Pink

    This truthful podcast hosted by journalist, activist and writer Scarlett Curtis illuminates the path for our future female leaders. Scarlet invites bold and pioneering women for her live podcast discussion on what feminism means to them. An unfiltered, frank and honest conversation that will leave you in high spirits. 

  • The Gurls Talk, by Adwoa Aboah

    Best podcasts 2020: Gurls Talk

    This is your regular source of fierce female chat. The podcast hosted by model Adwoa Aboah, featuring a number of different guests, as they talk, share, listen and take control of their lives. Covering topics from sex to success, the episodes are motivating, inspirational and thought provoking. 

  • Happy Place, by Fearne Cotton

    Best podcasts 2020: Happy Place

    Presenter Fearne Cotton’s podcast series shares advise from experts and celebrities on how to find joy each and every day. The chatty show helps you find an alternative way of looking at life if you’re feeling lost or frazzled from the pressures of this fast paced life. 

  • The Guilty Feminist, by Deborah Frances-White

    Best podcasts 2020: The Guilty Feminist

    This award-winning podcast hosted by comedian Deborah Frances-White gives guests a supportive forum to discuss the big topics of 21st century feminism - and the insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that undermine our efforts. In 2019, The Guilty Feminist was nominated for Best Comedy Podcast at the British Podcast Awards and so is a must listen to this year. 

  • Extraordinary People, by Katie Piper

    Best podcasts 2020: Katie Piper’s Extraordinary People

    The podcast by writer and broadcaster Katie Piper speaks to a variety of inspirational people who have turned adversity into powerful positivity. 

    Katie, over the past decade, has been inspired by so many of these extraordinary people who have overcome often unimaginable experiences with such strength. She shares these inspiring stories with the public to show just how incredible and resilient we as humans can be.

  • The High Low, by Dolly Alderton & Pandora Sykes

    Best podcasts 2020: The High Low

    This is a weekly pop culture and news podcast brought to you by the double-act journalists. The perfect balance of analysis of current affairs, gossip, thoughtful discussion and chat, the witty duo share the message that life is best consumed with a good mix of the trivial and the political.

  • Untangle, by Meditation Studio

    Best podcasts 2020: Untangle

    Untangle introduces us to experts who have devoted their lives to helping others meditate. 

    Produced by the people behind the Meditation Studio app to teach us how to slow down, reduce stress levels and increase calm whenever you need it most. You may find yourself believing that meditation is the answer to all our problems.   

  • How To Fail, by Elizabeth Day

    Best podcasts 2020: How To Fail

    This chart-topping podcast with journalist Elizabeth Day celebrates the things that haven’t gone right. Every week, a new interviewee explores what failure has taught them for both an inspirational and insightful conversation. 

  • The Receipts Podcast by Audrey, Tolly & Milena

    Best podcasts 2020: The Receipts

    From relationships to money debates, you can expect unadulterated girl talk with no filter on this podcast - the three friends will talk about anything and everything. The brilliantly blunt trio solve some of the most scandalous dilemmas with their brutal honesty, as well as discussing modern society and culture in the most hilarious chats.

  • My Favourite Murder, by Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark

    Best podcasts 2020: My Favourite Murder

    This podcast is the hit true crime comedy hosted by the crime enthusiasts Karen Kilgariff, a stand-up comedian and TV writer, and Georgia Hardstark, a writer and host for the Cooking Chanel. The true crime obsessed due discuss their favourite tales of murder and dispense funny advice and useful self-care tips to avoid it happening to you.

  • Dear Joan and Jericha, by Julia Davis & Vicki Pepperdine

    Dear Joan And Jericha podcast
    British Podcast Awards: Dear Joan And Jericha is nominated.

    Joan and Jericha are the filthy agony aunts you didn’t know you needed. The comedy duo, played by Julia Davis and Vicki Pepperdine, are known for jaw-dropping sexual frankness and extremely risque advice sessions. This podcast, which began in April, shot up to the top of the iTunes podcast chart and is a huge success. 

  • The Dropout, by ABC Radio & ABC News Nightline

    Best podcasts 2019: The Dropout

    Telling the story of Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos, this is an unbelievable look at what happens when ambition and fame goes terribly wrong. ABC News chief business, technology and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, along with producers Taylor Dunn and Victoria Thompson, take listeners through their three-year-long investigation including exclusive interviews with former employees, investors, and patients. The never-before-aired deposition testimony of Elizabeth Holmes makes it not one to be missed.

  • Table Manners by Jessie Ware

    Table Manners podcast with Jessie Ware.
    Funny podcasts: Table Manners.

    Jessie Ware hosts this podcast about food, family, and the forgotten art of chitchat from her very own dinner table. With help from her chef extraordinaire mum Lennie, guests from the worlds of music, culture and politics drop by for a bite and a bit of a natter. Oversharing guaranteed.

  • You, Me & The Big C by Deborah James & Lauren Mahon

    Best podcasts 2019: You, Me & The Big C

    This podcast is a candid look at cancer, offering help, support and comfort with those struggling through disease or for those who just want to know more about it.  This is an inspirational podcast that impacts and changes lives for the positive. Real talk and brutal honesty.

  • Girlfriends

    Best podcasts 2019: Girlfriends

    The Girlfriends podcast sees journalists and best friends Chloe Gray, Arielle Tchiprout and Anna Bonet question, debate and celebrate modern day friendship. Touching on everything from how toxic girl gangs really are, to how the hell you make new friends when you’re a grown up. The conversations are sometimes frank, often funny and always relatable. 

  • Finding Annie

    Best podcasts 2019: Finding Annie

    This recently launched podcast see’s DJ and memory-loss-sufferer Annie Mac jog her memory of life events, from child birth to teenage friendship, by having conversations with her nearest and dearest. She uses those newly remembered events to shape a wider conversation about society, culture and politics.

  • Pardon My French

    Best podcasts 2019: Pardon My French

    Garance Doré, French photographer, illustrator and author, chats with inspiring women about life and work, from burnout to self-love. 

  • Sooo Many White Guys

    Best podcasts 2019: Sooo Many White Guys

    This is the perfect example of using a podcast to promote diversity. Comedian Phoebe Robinson uses the episodes to talk to artists who aren’t white men, having deep, candid, funny and intelligent conversations with people who are just like you and me. 

For more podcast recommendations, visit the Stylist podcast channel, Earworm.

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