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Brittany Murphy: this brilliant podcast sheds light on the circumstances surrounding the Clueless star’s death

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On the hunt for something new to listen to this weekend? Check out this brilliant podcast about the life and death of Clueless star Brittany Murphy.

The release of HBO’s controversial new docu-series What Happened, Brittany Murphy? may have made headlines for all the wrong reasons, but it’s also renewed interest in the life and death of the Clueless star.

The series – which has been criticised for being an “exploitative” take on Brittany Murphy’s unexpected passing – may not currently have a UK release date, but if you’re still interested in finding out more about the actor and the circumstances surrounding her tragic death, we may have just the thing for you.

We’re talking about the podcast Hollywood Crime Scene – specifically, the ‘minisode’ dedicated to the strange events surrounding Murphy’s untimely death. The true crime podcast, which is hosted by friends Desi Jedeikin and Rachel Fisher, unpicks tales of crime and scandal involving celebrities and Hollywood elite – and in the episode dedicated to Murphy, the pair sit down to unpick the facts and speculation surrounding her death. 

The episode isn’t anything special production-wise – the pair simply narrate and discuss Murphy’s story – but that’s what makes it so great to listen to. While some true crime podcasts have a tendency to ramp up the drama to keep people listening, Jedeikin and Fisher rely on the details of Murphy’s story to keep people hooked – and in doing so present an episode which is a factual, honest and eye-opening listen.

That’s not to say they don’t challenge some of the suggestions and reports surrounding Murphy’s death, either – when they discuss Murphy’s father’s claims that her death was the result of heavy metal poisoning as found in testing of her hair, they later reveal that the LA coroner said this was down to Murphy’s dying her hair. 

Indeed, when they go on to quote the opinion of another coroner, they note that that individual had not seen all the facts and reports associated with the case – giving listeners the opportunity to approach their suggestions with a pinch of salt. That may not sound anything special, but it’s an important caveat – especially in a case that remains the subject of much speculation to this day.

At just under 40 minutes, Hollywood Crime Scene’s take on Brittany Murphy is both informative and engaging – and we’d recommend giving it a go if you’re interested in learning more. 

Hollywood Crime Scene Minisode  Brittany Murphy is available to listen to now

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