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Dating: “Nobody told me… I’d have to date in secret”

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This week on Stylist’s Nobody Told Me… podcast, beauty influencer, creator and host of the What Would The Auntie Say? podcast, Anchal, discusses what life is like as a single woman at an age when she is expected to be married.

The Nobody Told Me… podcast, sponsored by Clinique, is back with a second season, and the fourth guest has another fascinating story to share.     

Anchal is a British-Indian make-up artist who has built up a large online community through her brilliant digital make-up tutorials and honest reviews. After leaving university seven years ago with a degree in special effects, she spotted, in her words, “what little visibility and representation brown girls had in the online beauty world”.  

She subsequently began producing her own content, quickly gaining traction with an audience who had previously been neglected. Today, brands clamour to work with her.

But Anchal has always wanted to talk about more than just beauty. 

At the end of 2020, she launched her first podcast What Would The Aunties Say? She invites guests to talk about topics away from the fear of judgement by the aunties – a catch-all term for the judgemental elders in the South Asian community.

So far in the first series, Anchal has covered everything from mental health and marriage, to anti-Blackness and colourism. She believes strongly that the only way to tackle outdated and judgemental views is for younger generations to feel they have the tools to educate and challenge the older generations. 

One of the big issues Anchal tackles is navigating life as a single woman at an age when she is expected to be married, and that’s what she unpicks on her episode of Nobody Told Me…

“Try and understand why you feel pressures and where they’re actually coming from,” she says. 

“Are these pressures coming from you? Or are they external pressures?

“And if they’re external, someone can say something and it’s kind of up to you, how you choose to feel about it…”

Nobody Told Me… I’d Have To Date In Secret is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Acast. New episodes will be released on Wednesdays and you can go back and listen to episodes from series one.

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