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Dawn French described herself as a “functional introvert” and we really relate

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Dawn French just explained why people are surprised when she calls herself a “functioning introvert” in an interview on the Table Manners podcast.

We know and love Dawn French for being a very funny, confident, successful and outgoing woman. 

From starring in the titular role of The Vicar of Dibley to poking fun at life in her new Titting About podcast, many would assume that French is an extroverted person. 

But the comedian has just revealed that, much to people’s surprise, she actually considers herself a “functioning introvert”. 

Speaking to Jessie and Lennie Ware on this week’s Table Manners podcast, French shares what she realised about herself when she first started writing books. 

“What I started to discover when I started to write was that it was quiet and just me on my own in my own head,” she says. “What I think I’ve discovered about myself through my writing is that I’m a kind of functioning introvert. That’s who I really am. 

“People are very surprised by that. But I know a lot of extroverts are not really.”

She then explains that her husband and daughter, who she lives with in Cornwall, understand that she’s quite “hermity” at home.

“Most of my life has been about being collaborations, in a double act, in a group, a bit jazz hands,” French continues. “Don’t get me wrong, I love that part. But, really, I’m very at home with the door shut and writing. That is my biggest love and I came to it quite late.”

However, she does say that she needs little “pools” of showing off and going out to connect with people from time to time. 

Anyone who considers themselves as being an “extroverted introvert” – someone who appears outgoing in social situations but actually feels drained afterward – will likely relate to what French is describing here.

As the interview continues, French reflects on more fascinating areas of her life: from the sweet story of meeting her new husband to the complicated but “lucky” relationship she had with her mother.

You can listen to Table Manners with Dawn French on all good podcast streaming platforms.

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