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Egg freezing: this new podcast answers all your big fertility questions

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Got questions about egg freezing? Freezing Time is the new podcast discusses everything you want to know about it.

More women than ever are freezing their eggs. The number of women choosing to freeze their eggs has more than tripled in recent years – from 410 freezing cycles in 2012 to 1,462 in 2017. And with experts suggesting that women should freeze their eggs by the age of 37, it’s growing in popularity with people who aren’t in a relationship, want to focus on their career and want to feel more in control of their own fertility. 

And yet, conversations around women’s fertility can still feel a bit… well, taboo. 

Podcaster Elizabeth Day recently called out how the language around IVF is structured to make women feel like they’ve “failed”. And Amy Schumer highlighted how lonely treatment can feel

There is clearly a need to speak more openly about women’s fertility. Last year, TV dramas like Deadwater Fell and I Am Hannah addressed the realities of women’s fertility with strong storylines that we haven’t really seen before.  

And now, we have a new podcast that is helping to widen and  normalise the conversation. 

Freezing Time is a podcast that explores everything you want to know about egg freezing. 

“What does it involve? What are the success rates? Will the hormones make me sad? And is it really true that a woman’s ovaries swell to the size of melons?”

These are the questions that writer and host Sophia Money-Coutts – who is 35, single and having her eggs frozen – seeks to answer for you.  

Money-Coutts shares her audio diaries of the whole process, from choosing a fertility clinic to the operation itself, along with the ups and downs of undergoing an emotional and hormonal procedure. 

She also investigates the science behind egg freezing by speaking to fertility experts and women who’ve gone through freezing about their experience of the procedure. 

Episode one opens with Money-Coutts talking through the hormone injections she’s having for the first time, which sets the open and candid tone of the podcast. 

As she doesn’t claim to be an expert, our host speaks to fertility expert Zita West to get the science questions answered (how do you prepare for egg freezing? what is the treatment process?).

But it’s the conversations that Money-Coutts has with friends that reveals answers to the big questions we perhaps really want to hear (why freeze your eggs? what really goes through your head during the process?).

It’s a comforting, informative and vital listen for women who want to know more about egg freezing in 2020.

You can catch up with Freezing Time on Apple podcasts.    

Information and advice on egg freezing, IVF and infertility can be found on the NHS website. You can also book an appointment with your GP to talk through options.

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