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Fake Heiress: can’t stop unpicking the Anna Delvey scandal? Listen to this podcast next

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Everybody is still talking about the Anna Delvey scandal, which is why Fake Heiress is the only podcast you need to listen to on your daily walk in lockdown. 

It’s been three years since a viral article exposed New York’s “fake heiress”, Anna Delvey. She had famously tricked the world by claiming to be a German socialite, setting up a foundation, and scamming numerous high-flyers and financial institutions into funding her outrageously lavish style. But in April 2019, Delvey (whose real surname is Sorokin) was sentenced to four to 12 years in prison for numerous fraud convictions. However, she was released on parole earlier this month (February 2021).

Delvey’s story is far from being over, thanks to the fact that the world is still obsessed with her. And let’s be honest, with lockdown making our lives very boring right now, it’s the kind of wild scandal that many of us are guilty of distracting ourselves with right now.

For starters, Delvey’s tale will be retold in a new Netflix series, Inventing Anna, which is released in October. Legendary producer Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal), has written the 10-episode drama, which will “follow a journalist, Vivian, with a lot to prove as she begins to investigate the case of a mysterious heiress”.

Lena Dunham (Girls, Industry) is also working on a project about the scandal for HBO, which will adapt the memoir of Delvey’s friend, Rachel DeLoache Williams, My Friend Anna: The True Story Of The Fake Heiress Of New York City).

Inventing Anna will explore the case of New York’s "fake heiress".

And if you thought Delvey would now choose to step out of the limelight, you’re very much mistaken. Following her release from prison, she announced that she’s launching her own vlogging channel, Anna Delvey TV

“So many people I see are trying to tell my narrative,” she explained to Insider. “I just decided to do something on my own”. 

Basically, everybody wants to know absolutely everything about this true crime drama. And if you’re one of the many who are still tugging at the designer threads to unravel the truth, it’s 100% understandable. You’ll also definitely want to catch up with a brilliant podcast that explores the whole saga. 

Fake Heiress is a six-part podcast series by journalist Vicky Baker and screenwriter Chloe Moss, which explores Delvey’s story through a mix of drama and documentary. It features direct interviews with the people who knew her, woven in with dramatised scenes based on court reports and press coverage. 

“What’s Anna Delvey’s story without a bit of make believe?” asks Vicky, explaining the fascinating format that brings the facts to life. 

Created with 30-second episodes, it’s a gripping, lively, scandalous and comprehensive series that will bring you much excitement on a walk in lockdown. And even if you listened to it when it was first released, with the Netflix series just around the corner, Fake Heiress will fill you in on all the details you need to know. 

You can listen to all six episodes of Fake Heiress on BBC Sounds now.

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