Podcasts: Derry Girls actor Nicola Coughlan’s scripted comedy podcast will launch next month, featuring Bridgerton stars and Jonathan Van Ness

Podcasts: Derry Girls actor Nicola Coughlan’s scripted comedy podcast will launch next month, featuring Bridgerton stars and Jonathan Van Ness

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Derry Girls may be off of our screens until the final season airs next year, but Nicola Coughlan is making sure we can’t commiserate for too long with her brand new comedy podcast, Whistle Through The Shamrocks.

Filming for the third and final series of Derry Girls is under way and we’re already preparing ourselves emotionally for one of our favourite ever shows to end. And while it may not be expected to hit our screens until 2022, there is at least some good news to keep us going in the meantime.

Derry Girls actor Nicola Coughlan, aka fan-favourite “wee lesbian” Claire in the hit Northern Irish comedy, is launching her very own podcast next month – with a seriously impressive line up that includes 

Along with screenwriter and long-time friend Camilla Whitehill, Coughlan has co-created Whistle Through The Shamrocks, a scripted comedy podcast that will also mark the Bridgerton star’s debut project as a writer.

And it already sounds hilarious.

Coughlan previously told London’s Podcast Festival: “Camilla and I had this running joke for 12 years with each other about the most Irish monologues we could imagine and during lockdown we finally decided to write it as a show, and see if anyone was brave enough to make it.”

“I’ve basically roped in people I’ve worked with on other shows by threatening them with releasing scandalous stories about them online – so we have an amazing cast.” And she really wasn’t wrong.

Nicola Coughlan and co-creator Camilla Whitehall
Nicola Coughlan and co-creator Camilla Whitehill

Announcing the first wave of impressive castings on Twitter, Coughlan shared that the likes of fellow Derry Girls actors Paul Mallon and Louisa Harland, comedian Ed Gamble and Broad City’s Catherine Cohen, would be voicing curious characters like an Irish Mammy, an evil English Landlord who “has come to Ireland to ruin lives and look good doing it” and a village priest with a dark secret. 

And our excitement only grew as two more incredible stars were announced, in the form of none other than Coughlan’s close friend and Queer Eye icon Jonathan Van Ness, who will voice Irish folklore’s most ominous figure, The Banshee, and Brooklyn Nine Nine’s Stephanie Beatriz as an Irish FBI agent.

An eclectic character mix for sure, but one we’re already excited about being brought to life. 

What is Whistle Through The Shamrocks about?

As the official synopsis explains: “There’s a chill wind whistling through the shamrocks alright. As the O’Flanneryn family lead by Mammy (Louisa Harland), Daddy (Jamie Beamish), Paddy Jonny Tommy Paddy (Brennock O’Connorl), Tiny Nelly (Nicola Coughlan) and their 12 to 15 other children earn an honest crust by chipping potatoes and cranking, their lives are soon to be shattered by the arrival of Lord Cromwell Dumblington (Ben Miller) who vows to shut their family run business down and build an enormous chipping factory on the site of their home.

Little does Dumblington know that his daughter Eloisa Louisa (Susan Wokoma) has already fallen madly in love with Paddy Jonny Tommy Paddy and they plan to wed!

As the tragic lovers tale unfolds, Dumblington’s abandoned son Simpy (Ed Gamble), wife Camilla (Camilla Whitehill) and his old school chum Oswald (Jordan Brookes) join the fray, as does Aunt Bernadette (Cat Cohen) back from the promised land and IRA Jimmy (Paul Mallon) who may have possibly over stated his experience. Lending a religious aspect to the proceedings are Father Surrupio (Kiell Smith Bynoe) and Sister Abducta (Amalia Vitale) who may or may not be fronting a child smuggling operation.

Meanwhile the Banshee (Van Ness) is on hand to make sure everyone is super clear about any bad omens, as well as an able detective (Beatriz) come to investigate any wrongdoing, and you know…ensure a happy ending.”

This is one wild story we can’t wait to see unfold.

Already promising to be “your new favourite podcast,”follow the show on Instagram @whistlethroughtheshamrocks

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