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Sinead Burke: “Nobody told me… refusing surgery as a child would be the best thing I ever did”

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This week on Stylist’s Nobody Told Me… podcast, teacher, writer, broadcaster and campaigner Sinead Burke discusses why she’s on a mission to change the fashion industry from within. Listen to the episode now.

The Nobody Told Me… podcast, sponsored by Clinique, is back with a second season, and the third guest has a remarkable story to share. 

In the latest episode, Stylist is joined by the incredible Sinead Burke. Burke is a teacher, writer, broadcaster and campaigner, and is on a mission to change the fashion industry from within. Burke, who has also spoken at The White House and The World Economic Forum, is a little person – the term she favours when referencing her achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism that means she has shorter-than-average limbs.

Burke grew up in a big, happy family in Dublin, Ireland. One of five children, her parents taught her that she could do and be anything, and she took their message seriously. Aged just 16, Burke was so frustrated by the exclusive nature of the fashion industry – an industry she loved and wanted to be a part of – that she began a popular blog, Minnie Mélange. She’s since used her platform to challenge the lack of inclusivity in the fashion and design industries.

And the world has listened…

Sharing her story on the podcast, Burke also shares her main message: “We shouldn’t change people in order to fit in. We should change the world to fit with the spectrum of diversity of people that exist.”

Shea adds: “It wasn’t my responsibility to change who I was to make them be more comfortable with my disability.”

Nobody Told me… Refusing Surgery As A Child Would Be The Best Thing I Ever Did is available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Acast. New episodes will be released on Wednesdays and you can go back and listen to episodes from series one.

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