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Baby On The Brain is a new podcast and digital franchise from Stylist. Here are eight other parenting podcasts to enjoy when you finish listening! 

Motherhood, parenting, thinking about fertility, pondering freezing your eggs: all huge topics that can overwhelm even the calmest of women. But the best thing to remember is that you’re not alone in your thoughts, there are thousands of women out there thinking the same thing as you. And, in fact, some of them are even creating podcasts about it. 

Stylist has pulled together some of the best podcasts for you to enjoy if your brain’s wondered into motherhood or parenting territory. (And trust us when we say, there’s absolutely something for everyone!) 

  • Baby On The Brain

    Parenting podcasts Baby On The Brain
    Baby On The Brain podcast

    Deciding to start a family is an exciting time for many, but the reality of seeing a positive pregnancy test can send many women into a spiral of sleepless nights way before a baby arrives to do that for them.

    But this podcast isn’t about the practicalities of sleep or feeding, it’s not about birth or your changing body, this is all about you as a woman with a mind all of your own. From identity to parental leave, to the inequality of the sacrifices men and women are still expected to make, each episode tackles one of the conundrums that keeps many mums-to-be awake at night when they find out their life is about to change.

    In this thought-provoking but light-hearted new podcast, Stylist’s Fliss Thistlethwaite - a mum-to-be grappling with her own questions - meets other pregnant women to chat about their concerns; finding experts and mothers who have answers to their middle-of-the-night worries.

  • Some Families

    Some Families
    Parenting podcasts: Some Families

    Some Families is a podcast dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ families. Hosts Lotte Jeffs and Stu Oakley share funny, emotional and true stories from a diverse range of families with the series exploring all routes to queer parenthood including adoption, IUI and IVF donor insemination, surrogacy and co-parenting.

  • Black Mums Upfront

    Black Mums Upfront
    Parenting podcasts: Black Mums Upfront

    The Black Mums Upfront podcast is a weekly podcast fronted by Carina White, Natalie Duvall, Nana-Adwoa Mbeutcha and Endy Mckay. They get frank about their experience of modern-day motherhood - with top tips, inspirational guests, insightful topics, eye-opening honesty, and lots of laughter.

  • Never Have We Ever

    Never Have We Ever podcast
    Parenting podcasts: Never Have We Ever

    Couple Chessie and Mat started a podcast as they enter the world of parenthood for the first time. It’s billed as the raw uncensored truths of pregnancy from both sides.

  • Nuture vs Nurture

    Nurture Vs Nurture podcast
    Parenting podcast: Nurture Vs Nurture

    Each week, Dr. Wendy, social-clinical psychologist and author, sits down with a different set of parents for a therapy session. She brings 40 years of experience working with families to these intimate and wonderfully voyeuristic conversations. 

  • A Womb Of One's Own

    A Womb Of One's Own
    Parenting podcasts: A Womb Of One's Own

    Hosted by Sarah-Jane Crawford, this is a podcast about women’s experiences and feelings navigating ambitions and the often-dreaded proverbial biological clocks. Through a set of candid interviews with amazing, successful and high-profile women, each episode explores women’s lives in their entirety but also discusses one issue they have experienced around their fertility.

  • Maybe Baby

    Maybe Baby
    Parenting podcasts: Maybe Baby

    What happens when a woman who’s always known she doesn’t want children starts to wonder if she might want kids after all? Radio host and Big Brother 2002 winner Kate Lawler, her fiancé Boj and her celebrity friends explore every aspect of having offspring in a funny, thought-provoking podcast that’s full of new ideas and little-known information.

  • Happy Mum Happy Baby

    Parenting podcasts
    Parenting podcasts: Happy Mum Happy Baby

    A series of frank and warm conversations with other high-profile mums and dads based on the bestselling book by the same name, Giovanna Fletcher discusses all aspects of parenthood - the highs, the lows, the challenges and rewards.

  • Spinning Plates

    Sophie Ellis Bextor's Spinning Plates podcast
    Parenting podcasts: Sophie Ellis Bextor's Spinning Plates

    Sophie Ellis Bextor, who has five sons who are aged between 1 and 16, finds out how other people balance career, life and motherhood through a host of interesting and inspirational women who’ve really made her think - and laugh, and sometimes cry.

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