Stylist meets The Receipts

The podcasting agony aunts you need to know about

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Walking into a room with the women of The Receipts podcast, I experience a moment of cognitive dissonance. Their voices, their catchphrases, even their laughs are intensely familiar. When they make in-jokes, I laugh along as if I’m part of the group. I know it’s weird – these women have never even met me before – but I feel like I’ve known them for years. In a way, I have.

I call this The Receipts Effect: a sense of sisterhood formed through five years of listening to these three vibrant women share their thoughts, opinions and life experiences week in, week out. The first show hosted and produced by women of colour to reach number one in the Apple podcast charts, The Receipts sees Tolani Shoneye, 31, Milena Sanchez, 29, and Audrey Indome, 35, dissect the zeitgeist every Wednesday – from Matt Hancock’s affair and the resurgence of Bennifer to the politics of Black hair – and respond to dilemmas from listeners in need of sisterly advice.

In the five years it’s been on air, the podcast has become nothing short of a phenomenon, with more than 11 million listeners worldwide and a legion of loyal fans who sell out their live shows. You might recognise their faces from Spotify billboards, or notice people wearing Receipts merchandise: jumpers and T-shirts emblazoned with the words “Leave Him Sis” – their answer to many a relationship problem. And now they’re putting their wisdom and wit down on the page in Keep The Receipts, a millennial’s guide to life.

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