Christmas Adverts 2019: watch E.T. make his comeback in Sky’s 2019 Christmas ad

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E.T. in Sky's 2019 Christmas advert.

Sky’s 2019 Christmas advert features the one and only E.T., and it’s seriously heartwarming. 

In 1982, the world was blessed with a truly iconic character. Because, alongside the likes of Blade Runner and The Thing, there was one film that really stood head and shoulders above the rest: E.T.

There’s something undeniably cute and wholesome about the little alien: from his friendship with Elliott to his classic line, “E.T. phone home”. At the end of the day, it’s hard not to fall in love with his charming mannerisms.

So, when we found out that Sky’s 2019 Christmas advert would feature the beloved little alien, we were rather excited. Appearing on TV for the first time in 37 years, E.T. may not be the most festive character you can imagine, but the advert is so heartwarming it doesn’t really matter.

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As the advert begins, you’d be forgiven for feeling a bit confused. The first shot shows a pair of children having a snowball fight in front of their festively decorated house. As lights begin to flicker and mysterious noises circle the house, though, the children decide to investigate and quickly discover the one and only E.T., hidden behind a snowman. 

Christmas adverts 2019: E.T. makes his appearance.
Christmas adverts 2019: E.T. makes his appearance.

This is where things start to get really cute. As E.T. catches a glimpse of the young boy’s face, he mistakes him for Elliot, the human he befriended 37 years ago. But not all hope is lost for this happy reunion: as the children’s parents walk out of the house behind them to see what’s going on, we suddenly understand that the father is the original Elliott. “You came back!” he says, as the pair embrace.

“A lot’s changed since you were here,” he continues as the advert moves inside the house. In a series of heartwarming clips the family proceed to show E.T. all of the new inventions that have come about since he was last on earth, from iPads to virtual reality headsets. But as the family sit down to watch a Christmas movie, it’s clear that there’s something wrong.

Next, we see E.T. sat upstairs in one of the children’s bedrooms, looking at a hologram of two more E.T. looking creatures. “Family?” Elliott asks. “Home,” E.T. replies, pointing up to space where his family remains. 

Christmas adverts 2019: E.T. and Elliott Jr. cuddled up on the sofa.
Christmas adverts 2019: E.T. and Elliott Jr. cuddled up on the sofa.

As the advert comes to a close, we see E.T. ride away into the sky with the two children, before they meet with their parents atop of a snowy hill. “I’ll be in here,” E.T. says, pointing to the young boy’s heart, before speeding back to space.

You can watch the advert below: 

While 2019’s adverts have been a great bunch so far (we’re looking at you, Excitable Edgar), this one has to be the best-contender for a tear jerker we’ve seen yet. Bringing together the themes of family, friendship and Christmas spirit, it’s hard not to love this incredibly sweet story – you can catch us watching this one on repeat for the rest of December. 

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