Cast of The Full Monty

The Full Monty is coming back after 25 years in a new Disney+ limited series

Looking for some hot stuff? Look no further – The Full Monty is returning to our TV screens in a brand new sequel series on Disney+. 

Before there was Magic Mike, there was The Full Monty. Released in 1997, you may remember watching the hilarious British comedy when you were young. Now, 25 years later, our favourite stripping steelworkers from Sheffield are heading back to our screens in a new eight-part Disney+ series

It’s hard not to get excited about a Full Monty reunion. The original film has everything you need for a full dose of childhood nostalgia – those awful shaggy ‘90s haircuts, a delightfully retro soundtrack, and, of course, buckets of good, old-school British humour. 

What do we know about the new The Full Monty series so far?

The new sequel to The Full Monty is bringing back many members of the original production team, such as Simon Beaufoy, the original film’s screenwriter and Uberto Pasolini, the original producer. Stage and screenwriter Alice Nutter has been brought on board as co-writer.

While the original film was directed by Peter Cattaneo, the new series will feature Andrew Chaplin (Alma’s Not Normal) and Catherine Morshead (No Offence, Downton Abbey) in the director’s chairs.

Production on the new series began in Sheffield and Manchester on 28 March.

“Twenty-five years ago Simon introduced us to a group of funny, fearless and resilient unemployed working-class men from Sheffield and the world fell in love with them,” Mason said.

“We’re therefore delighted to reunite the original cast for this brand-new series on Disney+, to catch up with these iconic characters.”

This isn’t the first time The Full Monty has been revived. In 2000, an americanised musical version of The Full Monty hit Broadway, before reaching the West End in 2002. A more faithful play, written by Beaufoy, hit the West End in 2014.

What will The Full Monty Disney+ series be about?

The new series will catch up with the original characters of The Full Monty 25 years after the events of the original film.

Disney+ says: “The limited series will follow the original band of brothers as they navigate Sheffield and its crumbling healthcare, education and employment sectors, exploring the brighter, sillier and more humane way forward where communal effort can still triumph over adversity.”

Like the original film, it sounds like the new series will mix laugh-out-loud British comedy with commentary on the British class system in the north of England. Plus, we can bet there’ll be a few more hilarious male stripping scenes, too!

Who is in the new series of The Full Monty?

Many of the original cast are returning, including Robert Carlyle, Tom Wilkinson, Mark Addy, Hugo Speer, Steve Huison, Wim Snape and Lesley Sharp.

The series will also feature “a new cast of children and grandchildren of the returning characters.”

As Beaufoy said, “We’re chuffed to bits to get all the Monty Men back together again - now with a chaotic entourage of children, grandchildren, pets and assorted hangers-on - to see what life in Sheffield is like 25 years on.”

When can we watch The Full Monty on Disney+?

Production on the new series began in March 2022, so we don’t know exactly when the series will drop on the streaming service, but be sure to check back and we will keep you posted with all of the latest Full Monty news.

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