A Perfect Planet: David Attenborough’s new documentary may be his most stunning yet

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David Attenborough’s new documentary will take a closer look at the forces that keep our planet in “perfect” balance. Here’s everything you need to know.

2020 has been a busy year for David Attenborough.

On top of joining Instagram for the first time and releasing his own podcast, the iconic presenter also released two incredibly important documentariesExtinction: The Facts and A Life On Our Planet, which debuted on Netflix.

But despite all of this, it doesn’t seem Attenborough is planning to slow down at all in 2021 – with the first episode of his new documentary series, A Perfect Planet, hitting screens on 3 January. 

The five-part docu-series, which will air on the BBC, will give viewers a closer look at the “diverse forces” which work together to keep our planet in “perfect balance” – and if the new trailer for the documentary is anything to go by, it’s set to be one of the most awe-inspiring Attenborough titles we’ve ever seen.

In the trailer, which you can watch below, Attenborough can be heard talking about the systems which keep our planet in balance. 

“They say perfection doesn’t exist, but that’s not quite true,” he remarks. “There is one planet where every element has fallen into place perfectly – planet earth.”

He continues: “From volcanoes to weather systems, ocean currents to the heat of the sun, these forces allowed life on earth to flourish.”

With the first episode of the new series coming so soon, it’s safe to say we’re very excited – here’s everything we know about A Perfect Planet so far.

What is A Perfect Planet about? 

A screenshot from David Attenborough's A Perfect Planet
A Perfect Planet: the documentary will take a closer look at the forces at play on our planet.

As we’ve explained above, A Perfect Planet will focus on the systems that keep our planet in balance across the world.

Four years in the making, the series was filmed in 31 countries on six continents. Featuring footage from the volcanoes of Hawaii to the “frozen wastes” of Ellesmere Island, the series promises to be a real visual treat.

However, there will also be some hard-hitting facts to contend with, too. While the first four episodes will explore the power of volcanoes, sunlight, weather and oceans, the final episode will look at the impact humans have had on these systems – and what we can do to restore the perfect balance our planet so desperately needs. 

An otter in A Perfect Planet
A Perfect Planet: the series took four years to make.

Speaking ahead of the series release, Attenborough said: “This year perhaps more than ever, people are finding comfort and solace in the natural world. While we may not be able to travel, we can take a few moments to enjoy our wonderful and diverse planet in this incredible footage.”

There’s also an accompanying book for the series filled with beautiful full-colour images and stills from the footage, which is available to buy now.

Is there a trailer for A Perfect Planet?

Yes – there’s three! Alongside the one we’ve linked above, A Perfect Planet has both an extended trailer and a ‘prequel’ clip which gives viewers a more in-depth look at what to expect from the series.

You can watch both below.

Where can I watch A Perfect Planet?

A Perfect Planet starts on BBC One on 3 January at 8pm.

Each episode will also be available to watch on iPlayer after it airs.

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