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Andrew Scott’s best TV roles, from The Pursuit Of Love to Sherlock

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We are a nation obsessed with Andrew Scott. In celebration of that, we’ve rounded up his best TV roles, including The Pursuit Of Love and Sherlock – just in case you’re looking for your next Scott fix.

We need to talk about Andrew Scott’s debut as Lord Merlin in The Pursuit Of Love. The dancing. The T-Rex song. The kimono. The middle finger. The kiss. The attitude. It was the most erotic moment in television this writer has seen since Connell and his damn chain. No wonder it was all that fans could talk about on Twitter the next day. Let’s use this as an excuse to watch it again (gird your loins, folks).

Yes. To. This. Energy.

We thought that Scott had peaked as Hot Priest in Fleabag, but oh how very wrong we were – he was only just warming up. So, to celebrate this icon-in-the-making, let’s take the opportunity to celebrate Scott’s best roles so far…

Hot Priest, Fleabag

Fleabag and the sexy priest
Andrew Scott's best TV roles: Hot Priest, Fleabag

“KNEEL.” Need I say more? 

Scott had us begging for mercy in his role as Hot Priest in Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag. The gin-in-a-tin. The way he looked right *at* us that time. Even his fear of foxes made hearts melt. Oh god, I can barely type right now.

Moriarty, Sherlock

Moriarty in Sherlock.
Andrew Scott's best TV roles: Moriarty, Sherlock.

I will burn you. I will burn the heart out of you.” It turns out that Scott is also very good at being very bad. His turn as Sherlock’s arch-nemesis Moriarty gave us chills; I’m shuddering just thinking about it (but in a weirdly good way).

The makers of Sherlock were so impressed by Scott’s audition that they created new scenes for him. Take note: writing more Scott into a show is always a good thing.

Jopari, His Dark Materials

Jopari in His Dark Materials.
Andrew Scott's best TV roles: Jopari, His Dark Materials.

Fresh from fighting off foxes in Fleabag, Scott delighted His Dark Materials fans when he starred as Jopari (aka: John Parry). Scoring extra brownie points among his dedicated and loyal following, his daemon was voiced by Waller-Bridge.

Tobin, Modern Love

Modern Love on Amazon
Andrew Scott's best TV roles: Tobin, Modern Love.

Full disclosure: I didn’t even know Scott did a Modern Love episode but, after reading the synopsis and reviews, it’s 100% going to be how I get my Scott fix tonight. He plays Tobin, a man who is in a gay relationship looking to adopt a baby. It’s meant to be very funny and moving, with Scott of course stealing the show. 

How does he do it so consistently well? Who knows. But what we do know is that we want more, damn it! I’m off to go cool down.

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