Bafta shares 5 iconic daytime TV moments to cheer up this miserable weekend

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Alison Hammon interviewing Ryan Gosling

From rogue celebrity interviews to ruthless gameshow contestants, Bafta is celebrating the most iconic daytime TV moments.

Daytime television is something that the UK does very, very well. Can you imagine a world without Holly and Phil bursting into fits of uncontrollable laughter on This Morning? Who hasn’t attempted to get beyond a five-letter word on Countdown? And we’ve all been sucked into a ridiculous Judge Rinder double-bill at some point, right? 

That’s why Bafta has created a new Daytime category for its TV awards. Jimmy McGovern’s Moving On, Richard Osman’s House Of Games, The Chase and The Great House Giveaway have been nominated for the inaugural award, with the winner being announced at the awards ceremony on 6 June 2021. Bafta is getting TV fans in the mood by sharing some of the most iconic daytime telly moments to grace our screens so far.

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If you could do with a little pick-me-up on this drizzly weekend, take a look at these classic TV clips for some serious laughter therapy…

Alison Hammond interviews Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford

Bafta kicked things off by sharing Alison Hammond’s interview with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling for the Blade Runner sequel on This Morning

“Bleak, dystopian, an absolute nightmare to be honest with you… that’s just my interviewing technique,” Hammond set the hilarious tone with. She then told Gosling she’d never seen the original Blade Runner film, poured a drink of whiskey before admitting “I don’t even drink”, and asked Gosling if he knitted the jumper he’s wearing. 

It’s pure TV gold that secured Hammond’s ‘national treasure’ title.

A brutal backstabbing on Golden Balls

The rules on Golden Balls were simple but brutal: choose to split the £100,000 prize or choose to steal the full amount. However, if both people choose to steal, they both get nothing. In this particular game, Steve and Sarah made emotional assurances to each other that they’d both split. 

“If I stole off you, every single person over there would run over and lynch me,” Steve told Sarah. “There’s no way… Everyone I know would be disgusted if I stole…” she replied.

“We’re going home with £50-grand each, I promise you that,” Steve assured her. And then…


What a sad little life, Jane

This was the finest thing to be served on Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me. Bafta questions if it technically counts as daytime TV – but we’re 100% saying it is.

An outraged Peter told his fellow contestant Jane that she’d  won the series, but he made his views on her very clear: “You won, Jane,” he said, while shaking his head and looking in disbelief at the camera. “Enjoy the money, I hope it makes you very happy. Dear Lord, what a sad little life, Jane.”

Peter proceeded to accuse Jane of ruining his night so that she could win the money. “But I hope now you spend it on getting lessons in grace and decorum,” he continued. “Because you have all the grace of a reversing dump truck without any tyres on… So Jane take the money and get off my property.”

It’s simply iconic. No wonder the moment has since been turned into countless memes and merchandise. 

Holly and Phil roll into work still drunk to film This Morning 

Most of us have turned up to work feeling a little worse-for-wear at least once in our lives, which is what made this Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield moment highly relatable.

 The duo – who, along with their This Morning co-star Hammond are responsible for oh-so many golden TV moments – were still wearing their outfits from the night before when they celebrated winning a National Television Award.

“I haven’t been home yet,” Willoughby confessed. “I came straight here.” She then shared all the food stains she’d acquired on her white gown over the pervious 12 hours (including mint sauce, mustard and sausage roll crumbs). “We’re in a proper mess,” Schofield admitted before bursting into laughter with his co-host.

Speaking of This Morning

Alison Hammond encounters the police in Italy

Bafta was inundated with more Hammond clips, because she is quite simply the star we all want on our screens. This list would be incomplete without her encounter with the Italian police. 

During the live broadcast in Pisa, Hammond was repeatedly asked to move on by the police. “Oh my gosh, we haven’t got a permit,” she told viewers as an officer came over. “Listen guys, we’re in Pisa, we’re not allowed to film here… I’m gonna get arrested, love ya loads.” She then scuttled off saying, “They hate me!”

Give this woman her OBE, now. 

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Image: ITV


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