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Best new thriller series: 22 shows coming to a TV screen near you very soon

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From Vigil to The English, these are the pulse-pounding new thriller series you need to have on your radar…

If you prefer your TV to be on the tense, dark, and brooding side, then you’re in luck; there’s a bevy of new thrillers coming to our screens.

Hot on the heels of Line Of Duty, The Serpent, Lupin, The Pact, and Time, these shows are all guaranteed to keep you gripped from start to finish. And, whether you prefer your thrillers to be about relationships, politics, conspiracy theories, or murder most foul, then there’s something in the mix for you.


Katla production still
Netflix’s Katla is poised to become your new Nordic noir obsession.

Set in a remote town in Iceland, Netflix’s Katla follows the aftermath of a volcanic eruption. But, as missing people begin returning to the village covered in ash with no recollection of where they’ve been, it quickly becomes apparent there’s something far more sinister at play…    

Release date: 17 June

Trigger Point

This high octane thriller from Jed Mercurio focuses on a bomb disposal team, with Vicky McClure taking on the role of front line officer Lana Washington. An ex-military operative, Lana is pushed to breaking point when she’s forced to deal with a series of homemade explosives, and she can’t help but become suspicious that the bomber is premeditatedly targeting her unit. Is she right, though? And, if so, how will she discover the bomber’s real identity?

Release date: Trigger Point will begin filming in London later this year, with its ITV premiere predicted for late 2021/early 2022.


Suranne Jones in Vigil
Suranne Jones stars in the new BBC thriller from the makers of the Line Of Duty.

Starring Suranne Jones, the BBC’s Vigil follows the mysterious disappearance of a Scottish fishing trawler and a death on-board a Trident nuclear submarine, prompting DCI Amy Silva to launch an investigation on land and at sea. Unwittingly, though, she soon uncovers a conspiracy that threatens the very heart of Britain’s nuclear deterrent…

Release date: summer 2021

The Unlikely Murderer

Based on a true crime case that has intrigued people for more than 34 years, Netflix’s The Unlikely Murderer explores the assassination of Sweden’s prime minister, Olof Palme, and how Stig Engström, the graphic designer named as Palme’s probable murderer, managed to elude justice right up to his death through a combination of audacity, luck and a perplexed police force.

Release date: it’s expected that the Netflix series will become available for streaming in autumn 2021

My Name Is Lizzie

Niamh Algar will star as My Name Is Lizzie’s female undercover officer, codename ‘Lizzie James’.
Niamh Algar will star as Deceit’s female undercover officer, codename ‘Lizzie James’.

Examining the complicated and toxic sexual politics of the early 90s and the police’s obsession with the wrong man, Channel 4’s My Name Is Lizzie is based on a true story. And, as the name suggests, it follows a female undercover officer, codename ‘Lizzie James’ (Niamh Algar), when she is asked to become sexual bait for a suspected killer.

Release date: summer 2021

The English

Upcoming BBC drama The English follows Cornelia Locke (Emily Blunt) as she arrives in the new and wild landscape of the West, desperate to wreak revenge on the man she believes responsible for the death of her son. 

Release date: this show is expected to air in the early half of 2022

Cruel Summer

Amazon Prime’s Cruel Summer takes place over three summers from 1993-1995 in a small Texas town when a “beautiful and popular” local teen called Kate goes missing. At the same time, though, a seemingly unrelated girl called Jeanette goes from being an “awkward outlier” to the most popular girl in town, to the most despised person in America.

So, how are the two connected? 

Release date: 6 August

The Chestnut Man

Set in Copenhagen, Netflix’s The Chestnut Man plunges us headfirst into a terrifying murder investigation. A body has been found in a children’s playground – with one of its hands missing. And, hanging above the body is the killer’s calling card; a “chestnut man” – basically a handmade doll made of matchsticks and two chestnuts. Cue a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse, as detectives fight to unmask the killer before it’s too late…

Release date: autumn 2021

Hollington Drive

Hollington Drive: ITV's new four-part drama
Hollington Drive, an ITV thriller by Jonathan Fisher, is due to air later this year.

Hollington Drive – aka ITV’s upcoming four-part thriller starring Anna Maxwell Martin – sees one family’s life turned upside down when their 10-year-old neighbour goes missing. But what role, if any, did they play in the tragedy?

Release date: this one looks likely to hit our TV screens in late 2021 or early 2022

The Girl Before

The Girl Before, aka the BBC’s adaptation of JP Delaney’s bestselling psychological thriller, sees Jane (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) stumble on the rental opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to live in an ultra-minimalist house designed by an enigmatic architect. There’s just one catch; she has to live by his list of exacting rules…

Release date: likely 2022

Ridley Road

BBC's Ridley Road: Tom Varey and Agnes O'Casey as Jack Morris and Vivien Epstein
Tom Varey and Agnes O’Casey take the lead in Ridley Road.

Based on Jo Bloom’s novel of the same name, the BBC’s Ridley Road sees Vivien Epstein (Aggi O’Casey) follow her lover into serious danger. Cue her going undercover with the fascists, not just for him but for the sake of her country…

Release date: Ridley Road will premiere on BBC One later this year


Starring Sheridan Smith, upcoming Channel 5 thriller Teacher tells the story of Jenna, whose life falls apart after being accused of a drunken sexual encounter with one of her pupils.

Release date: autumn 2021

Angela Black

Angela Black ITV
Angela Black is coming to ITV this autumn.

Starring Joanne Froggatt, ITV’s Angela Black follows the story of a woman whose suburban London life looks idyllic… from the outside, at least. When Angela is approached out of the blue by a private investigator called Ed, however, she is forced to confront some horrifying truths about her abusive husband. 

Release date: likely autumn 2021

Stay Close

Netflix’s star-studded adaptation of Harlan Coben’s bestselling novel, Stay Close, focuses on a trio of characters whose comfortable lives are thrown into turmoil when a long-lost secret comes back to haunt them.

Release date: 2022


Kerr Logan and Tracy Ifeachor in Showtrial
Line Of Duty fans, Showtrial was made for you.

The BBC’s official synopsis for Showtrial promises: “When Talitha Campbell, the estranged daughter of a wealthy property developer, is charged with conspiring to murder fellow university student Hannah Ellis, the trial that follows places victim and accused – and their families – in the eye of a media storm.

“[But is she a] damaged scapegoat? Or cold-blooded killer?”

Release date: 2022

Nine Perfect Strangers

Adapted from Liane Moriarty’s novel of the same name, this series takes us to Tranquillum House, a remote health retreat run by a mysterious Russian woman named Masha (Nicole Kidman). It is here that nine strangers, with very little in common, gather for a 10-day-long retreat, but, as you’ve probably guessed, their path to enlightenment doesn’t run smoothly. At all.

Release date: Nine Perfect Strangers will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video later this year

The Offenders

The Offenders cast
The Offenders is a new BBC crime thriller with a surprising twist.

The Offenders follows seven strangers from different walks of life forced together to complete a Community Payback sentence in Bristol.

“At first, they seem like archetypes we can easily pigeonhole,” explains the show’s official synopsis, “but gradually we see behind their façades, understand their hidden depths and what made them the people they are today. And we are reminded that no one is all good or all bad. Everyone has a story.”

Release date: late 2021 or early 2022

The Rig

The Rig, which is directed by Line of Duty and Bodyguard’s John Strickland, follows the crew of the Kishorn Bravo oil rig, which is stationed off the Scottish coast in the dangerous waters of the North Sea. But, just as they are due to return to the mainland, a mysterious and all-enveloping fog rolls through and they find themselves cut off from all communication with the shore and the outside world…

Release date: autumn 2021

Anatomy Of A Scandal

Sienna Miller will take the lead in Netflix’s Anatomy Of A Scandal.
Sienna Miller will take the lead in Netflix’s Anatomy Of A Scandal.

Netflix’s Anatomy Of A Scandal follows the story of James (Rupert Friend), a high-flying Home Office minister whose marriage to Sophie (Sienna Miller) is plunged into crisis after the aide that he has an affair with, Olivia, accuses him of rape.

Release date: late 2021/early 2022


Starring Adrian Dunbar, Ridley sees its eponymous retired detective enticed out of retirement by a truly twisted murder case.

Release date: 2022

The Tourist

Jamie Dornan The Tourist
Jamie Dornan stars as "The Man" in BBC One's The Tourist.

The Tourist throws us headfirst into the Australian outback, where a British man (Jamie Dornan) finds himself being pursued by a vast tank truck trying to drive him off the road. Cue him waking up in hospital with no memory of who he is, and a string of shadowy figures from his past intent on killing him. But why? What has he done to attract their attention? And…

Well, who is he? Really?

Release date: early 2022

The Trick

The Trick is an upcoming BBC conspiracy thriller that tells the story of world-renowned Professor Philip Jones; director of climate research at the University of East Anglia, who back in 2009 found himself at the eye of an international media storm and the victim of cyberterrorism.

Release date: 2022

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