Deliver Us: Channel 4’s dark new Nordic noir drama is here to scratch an itch

Deliver Us: Channel 4’s dark new Nordic noir drama is here to scratch an itch

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Channel 4’s new drama seriesDeliver Us, is every bit as mysterious and gruesome as you might expect… 

If there’s one thing we love snuggling up with during the winter, it’s a grimly dark Nordic noir series

Why? Well, because these TV shows are usually filled with covetable knitwear, snowy landscapes, murder most foul, and a woman who’s taken it upon herself to unravel a totally twisted mystery.

Channel 4, however, has flipped the genre on its head with its new Danish drama. And it makes for very grim viewing indeed.

Here’s what you need to know, then, about Deliver Us.

What’s the plot of Deliver Us?

Most Nordic noir dramas start with a murder – or, rather, the body of someone who’s been murdered. Cue the show’s resident ‘goodies’ (usually the police) racing against time to stop the ‘baddie’ (usually a serial killer) before it’s too late.

Deliver Us, however, sees our ‘goodies’ tentatively join forces in a bid to murder their town’s local ‘baddie’. 

Deliver Us flips the classic Nordic noir genre on its head.
Deliver Us flips the classic Nordic noir genre on its head.

Set in a small community in rural Denmark, the series begins with a tragic hit-and-run, when Askel, the son of local doctor Peter is run over by a truck while cycling home after a party.

Some 18 months later, basically everyone in town thinks that brutish local bully Mike mowed Askel down deliberately (to be fair, the evidence for this is pretty compelling).

Peter, naturally, is busy plotting his revenge. And, as luck would have it, many of his neighbours are all too happy to help him get it.

There’s Tom and Bibi, who run the local pub and have some sordid history of their own with Mike. John, meanwhile, is desperate to keep Mike away from his own troubled teenage son, Kasper. And then there’s the mysterious Milad, who has more than a few secrets of his own, too.

It’s not long before these five people have joined forces to plan the perfect murder. However, they soon realise that once you start playing God, it’s all too easy to end up as the Devil. 

Who stars in Deliver Us?

The cast of Deliver Us is led by Claus Riis Østergaard, Anders Juul, Lene Maria Christensen, Morten Hee Andersen, and Dar Salim.

They are joined by the talented Mads Rømer, Sylvester Byder, Jesper Riefensthal, Marijana Jankovic, Frieda Krøgholt, Ari Alexander, Besir Zeciri, and more.

Is there a trailer for Deliver Us?

You can watch the trailer for Deliver Us below.

What are people saying about Deliver Us?

Viewers have already begun to pile praise on Deliver Us via the show’s official IMDb page.

“Really gets you thinking!” reads one user review. “I was hooked after the first episode! Another great Danish show.”

“Some of the scenes with the town bully are so hard to take in that you do find yourself squirming in your seat and wanting to look away,” warns another.

And another promises a sleeper hit, saying: “The first episode seems a bit boring but, once you’re hooked, it gets more interesting every minute!” 

The Guardian’s review of the series, meanwhile, states: “Deliver Us is familiar in parts, but the premise is strong, even if we have seen much like it before. 

“The plot is appealingly knotty, with plenty of characters to weave in and out of the story, and it has a decent grasp of small-town dynamics that transcends its setting. A setting that is – naturally, reliably – grim.”

Deliver Us sees our traditional ‘goodies’ join forces in a bid to murder one very big ‘baddie’.
Deliver Us sees our traditional ‘goodies’ join forces in a bid to murder one very big ‘baddie’.

How many episodes of Deliver Us are there?

Deliver Us is composed of eight episodes, making it perfect for a weekend binge.

When will Deliver Us be available to watch on Channel 4?

The first episode of Deliver Us aired on Channel 4 at 11pm on Sunday 7 February, with the remaining seven episodes set to air weekly in this same timeslot.

If you prefer to get to bed early on a Sunday, though, don’t worry; you can stream the entire series via All4. 

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