Netflix’s Equinox is your classic Nordic noir, with one big beautiful twist

Netflix’s Equinox: what you need to know about the addictive Nordic noir series

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Netflix’s Equinox is the kind of dark and unsettling mystery drama we live for, quite frankly… 

When the wind bites, the nights swallow up the days, and the world dulls to wintry grey, there’s nothing we love more than battening down the hatches and snuggling up on the sofa with a gripping Nordic noir.

Of course, there are many tried-and-tested favourites to choose from. But, if you’re looking for a new TV mystery to sink your teeth into, then you’ll no doubt be pleased to learn that Netflix has gifted us a new Danish thriller series.

But, while Equinox ticks all your usual boxes (engrossing mystery, moral complexities aplenty, and fabulously covetable knitwear), it also boasts one big twist. 

Here’s what you need to know about the addictive new TV show.

What’s the plot of Equinox?

Astrid is just nine years old when, in 1999, an entire class of students disappears without a trace inexplicably – including Astrid’s beloved sister.

Traumatised by the incident, Astrid is plagued by horrific visions in the years following the unexplained incident. By 2020, though, she’s found some semblance of peace living with her family: the nightmares have stopped, and she finally feels free of the past.

Netflix’s Equinox is your classic Nordic noir, with one big beautiful twist
Netflix’s Equinox: Astrid is plagued by horrific visions.

But, when one of the three survivors from 1999 contacts her via her radio show and dies shortly afterward (in seriously suspicious circumstances), Astrid determines to unravel the mystery and find out what really happened to her sister and her classmates all those years ago.

And, in the process, she uncovers a dark and disturbing truth that involves her in ways she could never have imagined.

So, what’s the twist?

Equinox stands apart from other Nordic noir dramas because the mystery at its heart is all tied up in the supernatural. And that’s all we’re going to say on the matter, because spoilers.

Is there a trailer for Equinox?

Netflix has released a full-length trailer for Equinox, and it looks…

Well, it looks incredible, and creepy, and terrifying.

Check it out:

Who stars in the cast of Equinox?

Danica Curcic leads the cast of Equinox as Astrid, and she stars alongside Lars Brygmann, Karoline Hamm, Hanne Hedelund, Fanny Bornedal, and August Carter, among others.

What are people saying about Equinox?

A lot of people are comparing Equinox to another hit Netflix series, Dark, and for good reason.

“Time travel, parallel universes, alternate realities, suspense, mystery and thrill?” tweeted one. “Sounds like another Dark for the streamer!”

“I got some very strong Dark vibes while watching this trailer,” added another.

And one more said: “Omg this is so otherworldly and Dark-esque, i cannot wait!”

When is Equinox coming to Netflix?

Equinox will be available to stream on Netflix from 30 December, which means it’s perfectly timed for that dead space between Christmas and New Year. 

Anyone else planning to binge the hell out of it as soon as it drops?

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